Medical School Interview Questions

Medical or health care is a wide and complex industry. Professionals associated with this industry works day and night to help people live a healthy and enriching life. Medical study requires a lot of hard work and patience. A prospective medical student has to go though strenuous interview sessions to qualify for admission process in a good medical school. In order to do that, these students must pass MCAT medical exams and also be well prepared to answer medical school interview questions. Some schools also conduct few other exams relating to EQ, IQ and aptitude tests.

The medical field is an area dealing with life and death of people around the world. Thus, a medical practitioner must have the skills to perform their duties with accuracy and dedication. This is a challenging and competitive industry with plentiful job opportunities. Apart from possessing eligible educational qualifications and other skills, a candidate aspiring to become a medical professional must be ready to face the most frequently asked questions in the interview. Further below are some of the questions asked in most of the medical schools in the USA.

Sample Questions for Medical School Interview

Give your introduction.

Tell about you, your family and educational background, your interests or hobbies. In short, explain and present yourself with all the necessary details. This is the beginning of your conversation, so make sure that you create a positive impact on the interviewers.

Why do you want to be a doctor/associated with the medical field?

This is a common question but very important to know about your aim and intention. It will be better if you just don't say that you want to serve people and the country. It is rather a better idea to share examples and incidents that had helped you to take this important decision in life. Do not hide any facts or emotions. Please state an honest answer, but maintain your body language and voice modulation.

Do you think your MCAT score is good enough to select you in this school?

Be very positive and honest again. If you have a good score, you have no reason to worry about. But if you have a marginal score, state the reasons and your expectations.

What do you think will be the most inspiring and challenging thing during your course of study?

To answer this question, you have to be prepared with prior research on the course program structure or curriculum. You can then relate your objectives/interests/volunteer work that matches with the course structure. You can also mention the on-the-field/practical sessions to be undertaken during your course of study.

Which all medical schools have you applied in? Have you been selected anywhere else?

Be honest and give the names of other schools that you have applied in or got selected. But you have to convey how you aspire to join this particular school by stating valid reasons.

What are your hobbies?

Share a combination of fun and serious hobbies that you are engaged in (if any). Please do not say that you do not have any hobby.

Is ethics important to you?

Ethics is a crucial and important part in the medical field. While becoming a medical practitioner, a potential doctor is bound to take the 'Hippocratic oath', swearing to practice medicine in an ethical manner.

Read a bit about the Hippocratic oath before the interview and ensure how your career objective matches with such ethical standards.

What are your career goals?

This question is directed to you to find out your aim in life and to check if you are moving ahead to reach the same. Start with short term goals as it is more important at the moment. Concentrate on the current aim of getting an admission and then how will you use the study of medicine in your career. You can also mention about how you can contribute towards the advancement of the medical field.

What are your views about the US medical industry?

Do prior research to get information on current affairs in the medical and health care field. Share facts about any recent advancement/research or invention made by the US medical fraternity. You can also discuss with the family physician, local doctors or any family friends to guide you with the latest information.

What do you find interesting in our medical programs?

"They are structured according to the latest medical needs and industry development. The research papers and the option of doing extensive practical research work has also fascinated me a lot, as that is the most important phase in a doctor's practice duration."

This course entails several problem facing situations and great deal of study and hard work. Are you ready to take it?

Give a positive answer. Say that any field in life is full of roses and thorns. Thus, facing problem is not a big deal. Tell that you have the ability to balance priorities in life, and you are absolutely prepared to work hard to achieve your goal.

Can you share a recent successful medical incident in the country?

As mentioned before, do your home work and be abreast with the latest medical stories (both successful and failures). If you are asked about any unsuccessful incidents, be prepared to answer how would you have handled such medical cases.

What qualities in you will make you a good medical student and later a professional?

Talk about your skills and personality traits that suit a doctor like - responsible, reliable, leader, dedicated, caring, loyal, etc.

Do you have any questions to ask?

Always ask all the questions that you have in mind. Do not hesitate and be flexible to ask anything about the college, curriculum, industry, research, placement, etc.

These medical school interview questions will look like nightmares if you are not prepared for it. If you do your homework well, you will be able to face the interview and present your qualities and career objectives in an informative manner. We wish you luck in your interview and hope that you will surely get through it.

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