Mobile Testing Interview Questions

Mobile testing interview questions are asked to a prospective job seeker during the interview process. The interview helps to test his/her abilities and technical skills to qualify for the specific position. Mobile testing is an extremely different and challenging job which requires both hardware and software knowledge of mobile devices and applications.

Mobile testing is the process of testing or checking the quality and functional applications of mobile phone, personal digital assistant, iphones, etc. The process includes a series of tests like research and development, factory testing, QA and certificate testing. This is a complicated job and a tester is responsible for operating software and hardware applications and processes including the job of monitoring, content placement, trouble shooting, verification and QA. The mobile application industry is booming with introduction of Androids and iphones. Thus, mobile operators and other companies want to hire skilled and experienced testers who can handle the diversifying changes and complex testing procedures across different mobile devices.

Confidence is the most important factor in an interview. But sometimes a tensed nature and lack of confidence fail in an interview. If you have a solid knowledge and technical proficiency of the mobile testing processes and applications, your confidence level is bound to rise. Thus, brush up your knowledge and be prepared with the frequently asked questions and answers before attending the interview. You can also take help from your friends or relatives to help you with mock interview sessions. Through these mock sessions, you can identify and overcome your deficiencies or negative aspects.

We have provided a list of interview questions that an interview panel may ask you.

How will you differentiate mobile testing and mobile application testing?

"There is a marked difference in these two testing processes. Mobile application testing is the method in which the mobile devices are tested after applying software applications in the sets. It helps to monitor and test the function and use of mobile devices by only dealing with the multimedia part. On the other hand, mobile testing is the process of testing the hand held mobile devices, its parts and quality of the hardware and software. It includes testing of features, multimedia and mobile protocols."

Which is the best automation tool for mobile application testing in market?

"TestQuest and Fitnesse are the most effective automated mobile application testing tools."

How well versed are you with the recent changes and developments in mobile testing options?

Here you can share the details of recent developments and release of new mobile hand sets and advanced mobile applications in the market. Some examples may include - iphone, ipad, MMS, Android, Blackberry, etc.

What is GSM and CDMA mobile?

"A mobile device which functions with a sim card is a GSM (Global system for Mobile Communication) mobile, while a mobile device working on a network is called CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) mobile. Both of them are used with 3G phones."

What is mobile operating system? Give some examples

"Mobile operating system is the process which controls a number of devices with features of touch screen, bluetooth, WiFi, camera, games, music player, etc. It helps to test image, audio, text, video and so on.

What all should we test while testing a mobile or PDA?

"While testing a mobile device or a personal digital assistant, we should test the model, battery, GPRS, calculator, visual appearance of the screen, alarm, sound, color, settings, date and time, etc."

How can you download content from servers?

"We can download content from a server through streaming, progressive downloading and normal downloading".

Have you worked on bluetooth testing? Is it a part of mobile testing or mobile application testing?

If you have not worked on it, feel free to accept that. Else, you may face a problem with the specific follow up questions. On the other hand, if you have worked on it, explain the concept with its function in brief.

" Yes, I have performed bluetooth testing. It is a part of mobile application testing. This process of testing involves a series of steps starting from searching the device to transferring files, connecting, sharing till the final sending process."

What is MO SMS and MT SMS?

"MO SMS is Mobile Originate Short Message Service (SMS) which allows to compose and send text messages from mobile hand sets. MT SMS is Mobile Terminated SMS which allows to receive text messages."

What is the difference between user agent and simulator?

"User agent is a string code used to open a particular browser into the mobile. It deals with the internals of a mobile like model, resolution, etc., whereas simulator is used to test the process of downloading. It helps to use the mobile features and applications."

We have discussed the technical interview questions so far. Apart from these questions, the interview panel may start the session with warm-up question round to make you comfortable and also to get a brief detail about you. Some of the general questions they may ask are:

We are hopeful that the mobile testing interview questions will be of great help to you in getting a job or at least in getting selected for the next round of recruitment process. Apart from answering these questions correctly, you have to maintain confidence, patience and positive personality during an interview to achieve your objective.

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