Mock Interview Questions

Mock interview is a process which is not an actual/original interview. It is held as a practice session for the purpose of training a candidate so that he/she can perform better in a real interview. Mock interview questions are prepared to match the most prospective list of questions that can be asked in an actual employment interview process.

This type of interview helps to build the self confidence of a candidate in an appropriate atmosphere and to understand the real interview structure. It enables you to identify his/her loop holes and gives you a chance to improvise the same. Mock interviews are usually conducted by a mock coach who gives proper feedback at the end of the interview process. The entire session is either video or audio recorded to review your performance. It is the most effective method of preparing for an actual interview, especially for the entry level job seekers.

Here are a few questions given for your reference which may be asked during a mock interview session.

Give a brief introduction about you and your academic qualifications.

Provide all the details about you, your birth place, your family background and your educational history. Also, mention the courses you are currently pursuing (if any). Here you can also mention about your personal likes and dislikes.

How is your typical day like?

This question is asked to know how organized you are and how well you can communicate and present facts. So give a detailed illustration about your daily activities. It may include the silliest activities according to you, but it will show your detail oriented personality.

What is our organization doing? What do we specialize in?

You have to be prepared with the answer. Do your research on the company, where are they based, their products and services, mission, etc. If you are unable to answer this correctly, it will clearly show your casual attitude.

Why do you want a job here?

Mention the positive sides of the company. You should also tell how the specific responsibilities and the company policies will help you to fulfill your goals in life.

"I want a job in this reputed organization because it is one of the fastest growing companies across the country in the ____ sector. Also, while reading about the company and the job description, I could strongly feel that this is the place which will help me grow and achieve my career objective."

Do you think you are qualified for this job and I must hire you?

Mention your qualities and how they match with the company's expectations. The qualities should also include your educational qualifications, any trainings undergone in the relevant field, internship work experience, etc. Remember this question also is directed to know if you are aware of the position.

Did you go through the job description before coming here? How can you assure us that you can perform those responsibilities?

You are requested to read them thoroughly. This will show your responsive nature and how you are genuinely interested in this position. If possible, mention a couple of points from the descriptions given by the company to support your answer. Then you can relate them with your specific skills and knowledge.

What do you think about an organization 's responsibilities towards the society?

"Each and every organization must be socially responsible and should be ready to contribute. Corporate social responsibilities will help to diminish problems and encourage a positive impact on the environment, employees, customers and communities. It widely helps to improve the backward, under developed, growth resistance and other social issues."

How will you handle an extremely difficult customer?

"It is easy to handle the most difficult customer with patience and good listening powers. We have to tactfully convey our ideas or services in the way he/she wants to. If a problem arises, then I will take necessary steps to solve it."

Expand your answer with examples from real life where you have to handle such a person in normal life or during your academic life.

How do you spend your leisure time? Do you think leisure time is important?

"Leisure time is very important to broaden thinking and leading a peaceful life. Because that's the time you live for yourself...."

This is an indirect question to know about your likings or hobbies. So feel free to share your hobbies or anything that you do during your leisure time. Avoid mentioning anything that will project the negative traits in you.

As a fresher, what do you think you should concentrate on - the compensation you receive or the job profile?

As a fresher, you should always concentrate on the work profile. So make this point clear that currently you want to give a shape to your career by opting for the right opportunity. Salary will follow your goals eventually.

Give an example where you have handle a crisis in personal or academic life.

Please share true instances from your life. Don't cook up stories as there are high chance of being caught with follow up questions.

What are your weaknesses?

This question may come as a shock to you to check your temperament. But be firm and honest about it. But always remember to add a positive side to it by conveying that you are in the way of overcoming them. Give examples what steps are you are taking to avoid the weaknesses.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have in mind.

Never say that you have no questions. Ask about the dress code, work timings, transport facilities, company's financial performance, etc.

We advise you to take the time to prepare answers to the mock interview questions. It is very important to consider this interview seriously just as you are giving the real interview. Only then you will learn and be able to grab the advantageous part of this process while mastering the interview skills.

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