Mock Phone Interview

Two weeks ago, you were lucky enough to see the advertisement from the company you always wanted to be a part of. You were the quickest to apply for the job, your dream job.

Your phone interview is fixed for coming Friday. Think you are confident enough. Your dream company, dream job, once in a lifetime opportunity, and you must be a little tense about getting through. Here is a stress reliever, mock phone interview.

You may have all the knowledge to answer every question, but confidence is something that comes by practice. Mock phone interview is all about increasing the confidence levels. It is a process of fine-tuning the individual.

Mock job interviews are most useful for candidates having no prior interview experience, like fresh graduates. A mock phone interview can be conducted within a group of people preparing for the same interview. A five member team can have a four person interview panel. They help identifying errors and make you come out with better explanations.

Mock phone interviews can help in testing a bunch of stuff required to clear any interview:

Technical skills can be improved by many ways like reading books, solving problems, referring case studies and so on. Answering a technical question in an interview needs something more than intellect. To gain that something, a mock phone interview would be of great help. Some people talk about interviews turning into nightmares, where they knew the answer, but due to stress, the throat runs dry and words do not come out.

Mock phone interviews increase the command over the subject, improve concentration in specific areas and help identify topics missed out during the study sessions. A mock phone interview can be made productive by making the interviewer raise questions from the candidate's answer.

Communication has become a basic requirement for any job. Especially, for people in marketing where communication is the first of the Ten Commandments, a mock phone interview assists a lot. Confidence may be referred to as the elder brother of good communication skills, with confidence as the cause and communication as the effect. Mock phone interviews helps to deal with interview related stress; a great tool for management professionals.

Mock tests also help in preparing for an interview with a composed mind and an open heart. The candidate's voice is the key for a phone interview. Voice clarity is different from communication. Communication is the passing of information from the candidate to the interviewer, where success is achieved by passing on the right information. Voice clarity is closely related, but it refers to the pureness of the exchanged sounds. Undisturbed sounds would be appreciated. There are chances that the interviewer may get annoyed due to inaudible sounds.

An answer in a clear voice can ease out the pressure and give a positive impression to the interviewer that the candidate is confident.

The main factor in a mock phone interview is that it has to be taken seriously and evaluated honestly. If you are determined to win the super bowl, it is better to go for a practice game.

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