How to Prepare for a Nanny Interview

The first and foremost duty of a parent is to take care of their children. Some parents are busy with jobs and concentrate on earning for the family's better future. Therefore, they appoint nannies to look after growing kids. A nanny is a person- trained or experienced in childcare. Most nannies are women. Some men- who prefer the profession- are known as nannies.

The nanny interview is an opportunity for a candidate to become a nanny. (Really? You can word it better than the obvious! It is assumed that a nanny interview is for a nanny job J)

To pass through this interview- which includes many expectations from parents- the candidate has to prepare for the interview. Parents expect nannies to possess some basic qualities including, experience in childcare, caring personality, cleanliness etc. Nannies should not possess qualities like smoking or improper habits that children tend to learn quickly. A healthy nanny is preferred

The candidate should understand the duties of a nanny to clear the interview and meet the parents' expectations. The basic duties of a nanny are included but not limited to:

A nanny interview is an easy task if approached with ample preparation. The main factor to understand here, is that the parents will ask questions regarding the wellness of the child. The candidate should also understand that the nanny job should contain more love and affection than monetary gains. Interview preparations for nannies include:

A resume may seem an unwanted tool for this job, but it is very useful in explaining the candidate's skills. A nanny resume generally consists of education, experience and job related skills. A nanny resume objective is no different. Nanny Resume should contain information about experience as a nanny, age group of children trained and special skills for the job.

Ample experience is required to succeed in the nanny interview. A parent will judge the candidate in terms of experience, as he/she will be expecting an experienced and skilled person to look after the child. Experience gained as assistants to nannies will also count for the nanny interview. The candidate can obtain reference letters of performance from previous employers to increase the chances of getting the job.

Knowledge about baby food and medicine
The nanny should possess knowledge about baby foods available in the market and the ones suitable for specific age groups. Knowledge about basic baby medicine is mandatory. A parent will surely expect the nanny to know about baby food and medicine.

The nanny should possess good habits. Growing children are more prone to pick up habits from parents. In case of nannies, children are bound to copy the nanny's habits as the nanny accompanies the child throughout the day. A nanny should be a non-smoker.

Dedication and availability
The nanny should be dedicated to the profession and consider the proper growth of the child more than financial benefits. The nanny should also be available whenever required.

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