Object Oriented Programming Interview Questions

Object oriented programming questions are technical in nature dealing with an advanced programming language which is used to create computer programs. An interviewer will probe you to understand your knowledge base and the technical skills you possess to carry out the job responsibilities of this position.

Object oriented programming is also known as OOP, a programming methodology which deals with organization of a collection of objects. Each object in the program represents a class. The objects in a program are used to define the data type, structures, and the behavior of data functioning. OOP helps to access data and behavior of various designed modules.

Your success in the interview will depend on the level of knowledge and technical skills you have in object oriented programming language, Java, C++, Pascal, Smalltalk, etc. If you have these basics, you need not worry at all. The only thing you need to do is to prepare yourself well before attending the interview. Revise your concepts and go through the probable questions that an interviewer may ask you. It will help you to give prompt replies without taking much time to think.

We have presented a compiled set of basic and advanced level interview questions for your reference. Read them thoroughly and take the maximum benefit. There is no harm in adding details to these answers from your part.

What do you understand by OOP - object oriented programming? Name the basic components of OOP.

Object oriented programming is a method of programming that is used to design latest and advanced modules through a set of objects. It defines data, data structure and the data behavior that can be performed on various programming languages like Java, C++, etc.

The basic components of OOP are class, object and method.

Why should I use an OOP concept?

Object oriented programming is extremely useful to increase the performance of the system. Some of the benefits we may derive are:

Define an object?

An object is a part of the system which performs varied activities. It is a collection of message and data which can send or receive information to communicate with each other in a program. The activities carried out by an object define its identity, state and behavior.

What do you mean by a class? How is it related to an object?

Class is a layout or representation of several objects that has a common structure and behavior. It is like a blueprint which portrays the characteristics of objects that have been created with the name, attribute and operation - You can explain this further with an example.

What do you mean by a method?

The behavior of an object is known as a method.

Can you please highlight the main features of object oriented programming? Define each feature.

The main features of OOP are:

Which all languages support object oriented programming?

Object oriented programming is supported by several programming languages like Ruby, Ruby on rails, Perl, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, Pascal, Java, C++ etc.

How do you derive polymorphism in Java?

We can do so by using inheritance, overloading and overriding.

Which one amongst the ones you named is the most used and popular language?

Though the use of other languages are gaining importance, Java is the most popular amongst several languages in OOP. It supports OOP, which is quite close to the object oriented languages like C++ and C.

What is the difference between overloading and over riding?

Overriding is the process of developing more than one method with an identical name and signature in different classes, while overloading is the process of developing several methods in the same class with the same name and signature.

Name few types of class.

What all problems have you faced while using OOP?

While using OOP, I have come across several problems mostly when creating the designs. The repeated solutions used to resolve such problems, in return, give rise to a number of disagreements. However, the advantages of OOP outweighs such minor problems.

What are object oriented databases?

Object oriented database is a system used to extract data and combine them for specific output. Database management system and relational database management system are few of such databases.

We hope that by now you must have developed a considerable idea on the structure of an object oriented programming interview. The object oriented programming interview questions mentioned above cover most of the frequently asked questions in an interview. However, there are several other questions that may be asked on an advanced level, especially to an experienced candidate. Remember, apart from preparing yourself with the technical questions, many general questions are also asked to test your personality, background and other qualification criteria. So be prepared and give your best effort.

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