Objective C Interview Questions

Objective C is a computer language that aids in object oriented programming. This is a high level programming language that improves and extends the standard in ANSI C. This programming language is used by Apple to develop its systems and applications for iPhone and Mac system. While selecting a candidate to work on this programming language, several objective C interview questions are asked. The questions for a fresher in the field differ from that of an experienced candidate. A fresher is asked more questions on the basics of objective C and object oriented programming concepts, while an experienced candidate will have to answer advanced level questions with coding examples and diagrams.

In today's competitive job market, employers are looking at several aspects beyond qualifications. You need to be competent enough to secure your job position. Answering the questions correctly in the interview is as important as showcasing your confidence level, stress handling ability and positive approach. However, it is quite evident that if your concepts are clear, your confidence level is bound to soar. Thus, the most important step you need to take before you go for the interview is to brush up your basics. You must be wondering about the questions that can come up to you in the objective C interview. Well, you need not worry as we are there to solve your problem. Listed below are some of the common questions (with suggested answers) that a recruiter can ask in this interview. Read through them, try to figure out the most appropriate answer and be prepared to face the interview confidently.

What interests you in objective C or OOP?

You can honestly describe why you have ventured into this field and what are the interesting factors that had motivated you to opt this technology as your profession. Also, throw some light on the concept of objective C and OOP in brief.

What are your qualifications based on which I can hire you?

You have to convincingly portray your skill sets (both personal and technical) to the interviewers. Also, highlight your educational qualifications or additional training/certifications that can justify your suitability for this position. Remember that your motive should emphasize on setting a match between your qualification and the job description or the company's expectation from a candidate in this position.

What is OOP?

OOP is the acronym for Object Oriented Programming. It is a type of programming method which helps to organize a set of objects in a system. With the use of various programming languages, this method aids to develop several computer programs and applications.

How is objective C and OOP related?

Objective C is a type of programming language which helps in the process of object oriented programming. It basically provides an extension to ANSI C standard... - you can expand your answer though related examples and concepts.

Where is this language most commonly used and by whom?

Objective C has been developed by Apple for their OS X and iOS operating system and API's, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. This programming language helps to develop their process and application for iPhone and Mac system.

What is a protocol?

A protocol is a language feature in objective C which provides multiple inheritance in a single inheritance language. Objective C supports two types of protocols:

What is the difference between interface in Java and protocol on objective C?

Protocols and interfaces are used to retrieve multiple inheritance. The only difference between them is that in Java.... - Explain the point of difference with examples.

What is inheritance?

Inheritance is one of the basic features of object oriented programming. This feature allows to develop and design a new class from a base class. The process is conducted with the use of the existing class.

What is the bottom up approach in C++?

Explain the bottom up approach clearly to establish the concept and its relation with object oriented language.

What do you mean by keyword atomic in Objective C?

When keyword atomic is used, it allows the accessibility of only one thread.

What is the difference between mutable and immutable types?

Mutable in objective C allows to make changes in content or values at any point of time. But immutable objects cannot be changed once they are placed.

What is the difference between abstraction and polymorphism?

Abstraction in OOP is the process of diminishing the unwanted data and keeping only the relevant data for the users, while polymorphism allows an object to perform their functions in two or more forms.

What do you understand by push notification?

Apple has developed this service, where a server sends a notification about a new information or data in the system. - It will be better if you can also explain with example of push notification flow.

Some other practical questions on programming can be asked where you will be required to write programs or codes to explain a concept or find a solution. Most probably, it will be asked towards the end of the interview and you will be given some time to write the program. You have to answer this effectively. Do not rush, as it will increase the chances of making mistake. Be cool, apply your concepts and write the code in steps.

Some programming questions are:

Try to practice coding examples before going to the interview. All objective C interview questions are supposed to be answered with examples, wherever relevant. This will project your practical knowledge and clear understanding on the subject matter.

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