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Online Interview Questions :

In this fast paced world, it has become necessary for companies who are hiring to speedup the recruitment process while keeping costs under check. Employers are looking out for newer options to accelerate their employment drives. With advancement and continuous development of technology, hiring processes have undergone tremendous metamorphosis.

Companies are increasingly relying on various technological tools while conducting interviews. These tools enable employers to carry out hiring procedures with minimum efforts and maximum outcome. Initial investments may be heavy but when compared with the benefits these tools reap; it is an incredible option to consider in the long run. Online interviews are one such kind of a tool that companies are resorting to.

Keeping all the advantages of the traditional interviews intact, online interviews go a step ahead by considerably saving the company's recruitment costs. Online interviews are cheap, effective, efficient and a long term option available for employers while recruiting.

Online interviews bridge the gap between the interviewer and interviewee in terms of distance between the two parties. A qualified candidate can still apply to a company that is based across the continent.

How does an online interview work?

As mentioned, there are various tools easily available in the market, which the companies can install. Here are a few types of online interviews that the companies are utilizing.

Scheduled chat sessions :

Employers set up time and date with the candidates for an interview via chat sessions. The questions asked are no different from what they are at the normal interviews. With fundamentals remaining the same, online interviews and traditional interviews only have a small difference between them - online interviews are not in-person interviews.

A small variation in chat sessions could be by introducing video interviewing as well. Video conferencing kits are set up at the company's local branch where candidates are asked to appear for an interview. However, since online video interviews require candidates to face the interviewer, it is advisable to dress up formally.

Online Job Interview Service :

There are certain software tools that can be installed by companies to standardize their interviewing process. In this system, standard interview questions are recorded and ample time is provided for the candidates to reply. These recorded questions are then sent to the job applicants. This system also has the option of trial interview to help the candidates familiarize themselves with it.

Though these systems have recorded a positive outcome, it is still being used on a trial basis.

Online Interview tests :

Most companies also have an online testing system, wherein the candidates are required to appear for a test. These tests contain a host of questions that could be objective in nature or would need the candidates to provide descriptive answers. Situational questions, questions regarding work experience and job profile etc. form a part of these interview tests.

Online interviews offer many advantages and are hence being adopted by many companies.

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