PA Interview Questions

PA interview questions are very easy to handle if you have a positive attitude with good communication as well as professional skills. PA or personal assistant is a person who provides administrative support to the senior management employees of an organization. To appoint a candidate in this position, the recruiter usually screens a number of applicants to find the best match for the respective job responsibilities. Thus, performing well in the interview can decide your fate.

A personal assistant (sometimes referred to as 'personal aide' or 'personal secretary') is hired by an employer to carry out the daily administrative or clerical tasks covering business or personal functions. This person reports to the senior level executives of the company like manager, director, chairman, CEO, etc. Some of their responsibilities include writing letters and emails, taking shorthand and dictation, attending phone calls, arranging appointments and meetings, making presentations, arranging events, etc. There are some employers who assign work of research, minor accounting, record keeping, material purchase, correspondence, and so on.

To be an efficient PA, you should have the specific qualities in you to excel in the job. If you are well organized, a problem solver and a fluent communicator with good interpersonal skills, then this is an apt job for you. To fit this position, you must also have a good typing and shorthand speed, knowledge of computer, Internet surfing and networking ability.

It is essential to portray a confident and smart personality to give the best performance in the questioning session. Your body language and communication ability are taken into consideration while choosing you. To do that, you have to prepare yourself with the questions and answers that an interviewer may ask you. Try to extract the maximum benefit from the list that are enumerated below and walk on the path of success.

Sample Questions for PA Interview

  1. Tell me something about yourself

    Give details on your background. Your educational qualifications, additional technical qualification and personality skills should be discussed in brief. Also, tell them about your aim in life and personal likes or dislikes.

  2. Do you have any prior experience as a personal assistant?

    If you have an experience, share the details and tenure. You may state the previous work profile and your achievements.

    'I have over 2 years of work experience in this field. I have been working as a PA of the Executive Director, ABC Co…"

  3. Why do you want to leave the current job?

    State the reasons for leaving the present job. Avoid giving any negative reasons and concentrate on the new career opportunity.

  4. What were your job responsibilities there?

    Here, you have to be very frank. Don't miss any points and share the list of activities that you have been doing. The more you know, the more valuable you will be. It will enhance your experience level and will help to gain the specific job position.

  5. How have you been a great help to your seniors in the company? Illustrate with few situational examples

    Again this is a twisted question, similar to the previous one. You have to share the list of responsibilities you have performed along with examples.

  6. During the course of professional journey till date, what strengths and weaknesses have you discovered?

    Project your strengths as well as weaknesses in your career. Try to focus more on the strengths and expand your answer with examples. You also have to mention weaknesses as well. But be cautious and emphasize that the weaknesses will not affect your work at present, as you have learned by now how to overcome or avoid them.

  7. What are your educational qualifications? How can you justify your qualifications (technical and others) for this specific opening?

    Give the detailed qualifications you have. If you had done some course on typing, shorthand and computer basic, then mention that as well. Also, connect your qualifications with the specific position requirements.

    "I am a highly efficient worker. My proficiency in typing and computer technologies has helped me to remain ahead of the job requirements…."

  8. Are you flexible in working odd hours and on holidays if required?

    The work of a PA involves work beyond the official timing. You must agree and be flexible in working long hours to complete your job responsibilities.

    "Most of the jobs require long working hours nowadays and the work of a PA is no different. I am completely flexible to adjust myself according to the need of the job."

  9. What have you understood about the job responsibilities as mentioned in the JD?

    You have to scrutinize the job description minutely before coming to the interview. Understand and evaluate the responsibilities. If you fail to understand any particular point, feel free to clarify.

  10. What is your typing speed? Are you proficient with the computer and the Internet?

    Be honest and tell them the exact typing speed you have. Also, share some details on your computer and the Internet knowledge.

  11. How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life?

    If you are married, the question is asked with high importance. So be tactful while answering this. You have to communicate clearly that you can easily balance your profession and family.

  12. Rate yourself on your qualities as a trustworthy and ethical employee?

    Be assertive and give a rate to yourself with proper justification.

    "I will rate myself 9.5 out of 10 because I never compromise on the issues of ethics and trust. This can be cross checked with my previous employers."

Remember that this position may help you to progress in future and open up new career prospects in other fields. So, analyze the PA interview questions and be sure to practice and prepare them in advance to ensure selection.

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