Personal Banker Interview Questions

Personal banker interview questions will seem quite easy to you if you have an in-depth knowledge of finance and financial products or services. To get selected for this position, you must have the required skills, education and knowledge of the subject matter to carry out the daily functions properly.

A personal banker is a person who represents a financial body/institution (bank, trusts, mortgage companies, insurance companies, etc.) and guides their customers to maintain and manage their assets safely with high returns on investment. He/she tries to build a continuing relationship with the customers and offers several products and services of the company, thereby providing effective recommendations and solutions to their financial needs.

When any financial institution wants to hire you as a personal banker, they expect you to sell their respective products and services to the target audience. To get this job, you need to have good knowledge of several aspects of finance - banking, loan, interest rates, credit card, mutual fund, etc. You also must have a good communication, interpersonal and salesmanship skills to perform the sales job efficiently.

Frequently Asked Sample Questions:

  1. Tell us something about yourself

    Give details on you educational, personal and professional background. You can also talk about your interests, hobbies and achievements in brief.

  2. Why are you interested in this position?

    You should not talk about your desires only (like salary, growth, etc.). Rather highlight the points that you can contribute towards the institution and the interesting work profile.

  3. What were the job responsibilities in your previous job profile?

    Enumerate the list of jobs you have performed in your last assignments. Emphasize on the experiences you already have that you find similar to the job responsibilities of this position.

  4. What do you think is the difference between finance and accounting?

    "Accounting is the method of maintaining and recording the transactions relating to assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, etc., while finance is the method of raising funds or money to supply the cash flow requirements..."

    You can expand you answer with more concepts and functions.

  5. What are the roles of a personal banker?

    This question is directed to know whether you are aware of the roles and responsibilities. Share your thoughts and try to cover all the points in brief. Remember, this may probe the interviewer to ask follow up questions based on your answer.

  6. Who is a good personal banker according to you?

    Mention the qualities that a person in this position should possess.

    "A person who understands the client's requirement and offers them the right solutions is the best professional. A good listener with great communication, interpersonal and convincing skills can be a successful person in this field..."

  7. Why did you choose our organization?

    Read the company website and outline the points which interests you the most about them. It may be anything - their services, products, policies, mission or vision, strategy, etc. Highlight those aspects to the interviewer. You may also add information about the company's position in the industry if relevant.

  8. What is your style of assessing a client's financial needs?

    An interviewee must give a good reply, as this is where your skills will be assessed. Tell them how will you talk to the client in person and try to get each and every detail of his/her requirement/s. You must also mention the points of your recommendations and solutions. If possible you can give examples.

  9. How do you influence a client for a particular bank product (loan/credit card)?

    This is a very common question. You must have full knowledge of the bank's products, its benefits, uses and returns. When you reply, you have to use of your understanding and terminologies to convince him/her and market the product (based on the client's need).

  10. How do you handle a) aggressive, b) demanding, c) uneducated (on the product) client?

    This is again another frequently asked question in the form of a 'role play'. You have to convey that being in this profession we have to deal with different kinds of people and thus, it is absolutely fine with you to handle such clients.

    "I will be patient with each one of them and try to explain as much as possible. I feel that dealing with these kinds of clients will demand good behavior and appreciation of his/her knowledge. I will listen to them first and then share my thoughts amicably...."

  11. Tell us about the way you maintain contacts with your customers?

    Here, the recruiter wants to know how well organized you are. Share your method of maintaining the contacts and how you maintain a continued relationship with them.

    "I have a complete portfolio of my clients with me. I meet them occasionally and am also in touch through the Internet..."

  12. What is retail banking and bank financing?

    Try to give the marked difference between the two concepts of finance.

    "Retail banking helps in availing a list of services - all types of loans, mortgages, certificate of deposit, debit cards, credit cards, savings account and so on. Bank financing, on the other hand, helps to avail the services of loans and other facilities by paying it on behalf of the client...."

  13. I want to open an account in your bank and close another account. How to do that? Explain it to me.

    Forget that the interviewer know about these aspects. Explain in a way as you will do for your client. If required, take a pen and a paper to show the steps involved. Give the details of both opening and closing the accounts, viz., the necessary criteria, the steps to be taken, the documents to be submitted, etc.

We have prepared the above set of personal banker interview questions to help you to succeed in this test. You must ensure that you have a fair knowledge of the respective bank's financial products. Apart from answering, you have to project all skills of such a professional during the session.

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