Personal Interview Questions

Job hunting has always been a tedious job by itself. We have to cross a series of steps before getting the letter of appointment at the final stage. Passing through the interview process is a major factor in determinig the final selection. This process includes various personal interview questions to qualify for a relevant positon in any field. The session of interogation is conducted in order to find out the suitability of a potential employee to match the qualifications required for a particular opening.

Questions in this crucial recruitment process are generally asked to all candidates appearing for any interview in any type of designation or position. These are the common or frequently asked queries and cover personal information, characteristic, proficiency, opinion, thinking and experience in personal, professional or even academic life. You have to be extremely careful, balanced and attentive while replying. Confidence and positive attitude are the key aspects of your success.

We have compiled a list of questions with strategical tips for you. You are expected to review them and frame the appropriate answers. Your replies should always sound realistic and honest. There are enough chances of being caught and rejected from the process if you lie or provide fake information.

Sample Questions for Personal Interview

1. Introduce yourself.

You can expect this question for sure. This may be asked in another way, viz., 'Tell me something about yourself'. Be prepared with a prompt reply. However, it should not sound a by-hearted script. Start with your personal background information followed by information about your education, likes, dislikes, skills, hobbies, professional experience, etc.

2. Why did you apply for this job?

Mention the job profile which motivated you to apply for this job. Talk about your interest, knowledge, skills and experience in this field and the urge to move up the growth ladder. Connect these elements with the present job position requirement in the organization.

3. How did you prepare yourself before coming to the interview?

Be tactful while replying to this query. Don't give a clear description on how you have prepared. Give a general idea, but emphasize on the hardwork put to pass this test. If you are in the IT, pharma or any other technical sector, there is no harm in saying that you have revised a few concepts before coming.

4. What motivated you to apply in our company?

You must have full information on the organization and the industry. Talk about the company's reputation, worth and position. Also, mention that their requirements are absolutely matching with your knowledge and skill sets.

5. Your resume shows that you have changed two companies within a span of only two years. How long can we expect you to be here?

No company will like to hire somebody who is not stable. Convince them that you are a loyal employee, and you aim to be associated with them in the long run. Give a reason in short stating what led you to change two jobs. However, don't talk much about it.

6. You have worked with your last company for long? Why is that so?

This has two aspects. Either you are loyal to a company and liked the job, or you have not been able to get a second job because of your inefficiency. Thus, you have to stress upon the fact that you have been a loyal employee of the company. You can also mention that the growth and learning was on a higher level and that's what led you to stick to the company for so long.

7. What is the reason behind quitting your current/past job?

Remain extremely positive about your past employer. Never share any major instances of conflict with the management or team. Highlight it as a new opprtunity for career growth. If you have any special reason like relocation, change of field, etc., you can mention those.

8. Do you think you have grown as a professional? How?

If you are an experienced professional, then this is the question for you. Share the points of improvement and growth factors acquired during your past career. You can give examples of growth in terms of promotion, learning, experience, training, etc., to support your reply.

9. What is your greatest strength and weakness?

Try to portray the strenghts more than the weaknesses. However, do not promote your strengths as a big matter of pride. Rather transform them into benefits. Market your strong points which will be helpful to many.

Always try to share your weakness only when it is specifically asked. Try to figure out such a point which may be determined as a strenth or a weakness at the same time. Also, stress that you are trying to perfect these weak factors.

For example- "I am unable to adjust time for meeting quality and perfection." OR

"I am too flexible to do any type of work and can't say 'no' to anybody."

10. What do you expect to do after a span of five years?

Share your goal and specify where you want to see yourself and what you want to do. State realistic expectations and don't exaggerate.

11. How do you handle a situation of conflict with one of your colleagues?

Say that you will patiently listen to your colleagues' point of view and explain your view as well. On severe situation, one of you has to compromise and come to a decision or opinion. Give an example from your experience.

12. Do you look for the profile, the organization or the compensation factor while applying to a job?

This is a critical and a very common question. Be careful and answer that all the factors are important for you with priotization like profile, organization and salary or organization, profile and salary. Try not to priotrize salary too much and don't give any figure at this level (if they ask you what you expect).

13. How did you perform in this interview?

Be positive and state that you have given your level best performance.

If you want to create the first good impression on the interviewers, you have to anwer the personal interview questions confidently and convincingly. Performing well in this round will definitely lead you to the next level of the recruitment process.

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