Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

A pharmaceutical sales field is a never dying career option. It can even resist acute economic slowdown. This is the reason why many pursue their career as a pharmaceutical salesman. Given the abundance of candidates available for the job, it becomes absolutely necessary to be an excellent contender.

While candidates with science backgrounds are strongly preferred; some employers are also keen to employ those with previous experience in sales. Pharmaceutical sales interviews do not differ much from the conventional interviews. They cover almost the same questions which delve into their educational and professional background.

The questions may differ as per your individual profile and experiences. Be prepared to answer the following questions during a pharmaceutical sales job interview.

A candidate with science background can prepare for following interview questions.

In addition to these, there can be questions relating to the technical aspect of the job. Hence, it is necessary to be well versed with the technical terms. Additionally, make it a point to know more details about the products that the company manufactures.

If you are a candidate with an experience in sales but no science background, these are the questions that you can expect.

You can also ask certain questions that will smoothen out any doubts in your mind regarding the job profile.

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