Pharmacist Interview Questions

Pharmacist interview questions are prepared by senior professionals of health care centers/institutions for the interested applicants who want a job in this specific designation. A deserving candidate is hired by them only on the basis of his/her educational qualification, license (accredited by NABP), professional skills, and last but not the least, the overall performance in the selection process.

A pharmacist, who is an expert in the field of pharmacy, is a professional from the health care industry. He/she performs the critical job of providing proper and safe medication as per the prescription. It is his/her crucial duty to check the appropriateness of the prescription and supply the medication to patients or the health care providers. This professional acts as a liaison between the patients and the doctors/physicians/surgeons or other medical professionals. According to the ethical rules and regulations, it is his/her duty to educate the patients and counsel them on proper use of medicines, dosages, side effects, etc., whenever required. This is an extremely challenging job and their demands are also increasing because of the shooting needs of health care. These professionals may work as a full time or part time employee in any health care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, research centers or retail outlets. However, the rate of employment is more in the retail medical outlets of the country.

If you want to be a competent professional in this field, create an edge for yourself over the other applicants by practicing the interview questions and answers. You can take a glance at the sample list below:

  1. Why a pharmacist?

    The interviewer wants to know why you chose this field/position as your profession. Answer convincingly to portray your interest and passion for this job.

    "I feel that this is a challenging role where I can get the opportunity to improve the health and welfare of patients..."

  2. Where do you prefer to work - in retail outlets or other pharmaceutical firms?

    Be careful while giving this answer. If you are going to a company and saying that you want to work for a retail outlet, it's absolutely irreverent. You have to make a balanced statement or be honest that your aim is to work in this position in a good firm, hospital, laboratory, research centers, etc.

  3. Can you please throw some light on the roles or duties of this position?

    Give a detailed list of duties that a pharmacist is supposed to perform. You can talk about the role of this professional who needs to provide medication supply to the patients and medical providers. He/she also advises on the proper drugs, dosage, composition details, side effects, and interactions. Counseling the patients and monitoring their health response with respect to a particular medicine is also an important part of their job.

  4. What qualifications and qualities do you have to be a good pharmacist?

    Talk about the qualifications, certifications and license that you have acquired. Apart from that, you must project your good communication skills, knowledge of medicines, updated knowledge of new medicines, technologies, and regulations.

  5. Share an incident where you have made a mistake in giving the wrong medicines. How did you handle the angry client?

    This is a critical question to assess you potential in handling crisis and problems. If you have experienced such an incident, share the same and explain how you managed the situation. However, if you did not come across any such incident, highlight the fact with confidence.

    "Fortunately because of my attentive nature, I have never come across such a situation..."

  6. What is your preferred work schedule?

    Don't restrict yourself to any timing. Say that you work according to the need of the job profile and on emergency situations as and when required.

  7. What is the worst part in this profession?

    Share your experiences. Don't turn the most important part of the job into an issue.

    "I find it a bit harassing to deal with the patient's insurance benefits companies and explain the parts of payment process by them and the insurance companies..."

  8. Sometimes the handwriting in prescriptions is illegible. What do you do in such a case?

    Mention the method you personally follow in your day-to-day job.

    "I am good at reading the worst handwriting ever. However, in extreme cases, I consult the physician/doctor directly..."

  9. Do you read any medical journals, articles or book?

    "Yes, off course I do. I am an ardent reader. Recently I have read an article by ..."

    Share the names of the books, journals and articles that you read. If need be, share some topics that you had recently read.

  10. If a patient comes to you and asks for sleeping pills, what will you do?

    Emphasize on the ethical aspect and say that you never do that without prescriptions. Also, mention that you always cross-check the appropriateness of the prescription during such cases.

    Apart from the above queries, an interviewer may ask you a number of technical questions (given below). Being in this field/profession, it is assumed that you have the knowledge to answer them correctly. Though your education will allow you to know the basics, you need to brush up the concepts once before going for the interview.

    • What are stimulants?
    • What is PCP?
    • What drugs will you give a patient of acute gastritis?
    • What is the right dosage for a pain killer to a minor?
    • What is the process of record keeping for the inventory?
    • What is Ph of blood?
    • How is a medical representative different from this role?
    • Name some infectious/contagious diseases? Why do you think doctors give antibiotics for these diseases?

The pharmacist interview questions should be handled with a professional attitude. The recruiter is expected to ask you more common questions than the technical ones in this position. However, be mentally prepared to reply any queries (of both types) promptly. Stay confident, calm and composed during the entire session. Good luck!

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