Project Manager Interview Questions

Project manager interview questions are asked by the interviewers to test your skills and abilities essential for playing a leadership role in this position. After spending some years in the field, now is your chance to play the role at the senior level. So take this opportunity seriously and work hard to attain this job in your hand. To do that, you have to go there with full preparation and determination.

A project manager is an experienced professional who plays an important role in the successful completion of a project from its initial stage. He/she is directly responsible in handling one or more projects of the organization, while leading a team and guiding them to complete the project work within deadline and budget. The scope of work differs according to the type of projects and size of the organization. Though this manager is not solely responsible for doing the core job, his/her main duty is to get the work done on time through proper handling, organizing and delegating of the work. He/she should be a good leader, team worker, communicator and influencer.

The questions asked in the interview may vary from being technical, behavioral and project management based. We have tried to give the most common ones for your reference as noted below:

Apart from the above general questions, the interviewer may ask technical questions based on the project. Thus, you are required to read the job profile minutely before going to the interview. You also need to be abreast with latest trends, knowledge, developments in the industry, etc. Keep a list of good reference details handy, as the panel may ask it anytime to cross check information about you.

Project manager interview questions are very important for an employer to hire the perfect candidate for the relevant position. Make the right use of the above mentioned points and work towards preparing yourself for your interview confidently.

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