How to Prepare for QA Interview

The success of a product depends solely on its market performance. The product will spell success in the market only when its quality is more that that of the expected level. Several examples of products failing to meet the consumer's wants point fingers towards quality. The company should assure the quality of the product. A quality assurance profession comes into picture now.

The role of a quality assurance professional is to assure that the company's products have the expected qualities and will succeed in the market. QA uses different models to assure quality in production. QA is different from QC, quality control. Quality control is to test the product and find defects in it before market release. QA is to make sure that the product is of the best quality and will match the consumer's expectations. QC helps in finding and rectifying flaws in the product. QA helps in making a product that assures the best quality.

The QA interview is an excellent opportunity for a candidate to prove his/her quality assurance knowledge and skills. To clear the QA interview, the candidate has to prove that he/she is of the best quality in terms of work. The industry of application is not specific for a QA interview. Any company with a produce can hire a QA professional. QA interviews aim at exploring the candidate's technical skills and behavioral traits. A QA profession should possess good knowledge in the following topics to get through a QA interview.

To get through a QA interview successfully, the candidate should have ample preparation in the following areas.

Before the interview.

A resume is an organized document that details the knowledge, skills and the candidate's appropriateness and compatibility for the advertised job. The power of the resume should come through by using keywords and highlighting. A successful resume should be easily readable and convey the information to the recruiter properly.

Theoretical knowledge about quality assurance models is a big advantage for candidates. However, experience will work wonders in the field. A practical working knowledge will ensure the candidate's spot in the company.

For candidates with no job experience, a certification would prove handy. A certification is generally a training that certifies the candidate's knowledge in that area. Highlighted Certifications increase the value of the candidate.

On the day of the interview.

Arriving on time at the interview venue is necessary. A punctual candidate can create a positive impression on the day of the interview. It is advisable to arrive at the venue ten minutes before the mentioned time. Arriving too early is not necessary.

A professional should wear good-looking attire for the interview. A conservative suit will generate the required looks. Avoiding casuals and jeans is mandatory.

A professional aiming at delivering a quality product should also have a professional way of talking. Confident introduction, handshakes are symbols of success.

After the interview

Follow up
A job search is complete only after a prompt follow up. A thank you note should be sent immediately after the interview.

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