Screening Interview Tips

Interviews conducted to assess candidates before the actual selection procedure are known as screening interviews. Screening interview is an effective method to reduce the number of candidates for the job. There can be various methods of screening interviews - Telephone Interviews, Online Tests, Group Interviews etc.

It is equally important to score well in screening interviews because candidates are thoroughly analyzed for their suitability for the job. Whether you have to face telephonic interview, online test or panel interview, you have to follow a certain plan to do well in them and get noticed for your performance. Here are some general tips to give you a head start in the interviews.

Tips for Phone Interview

Phone Interviews are comparatively easy to go through since you do not have to face the interviewer. Nevertheless, there are certain things that need to be taken care of while attending a phone interview.

Tips for Online Tests

Online tests generally involve answering multiple choice questions. Though it may seem as an easy option, the questions covered can be very tricky.

Tips for Group Interviews

Group interview is another type of screening interview, where applicants have to go through tests in a group.

Once you clear the screening interviews, you will be called for the selection interviews that are usually conducted by specialized panel. Keep these important tips handy to secure a date for the selection interview.

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