Second Interview Questions

Second interviews aim at gathering more specific information about the candidate. A second interview not only signals a good impression about your candidature, but also is an opportunity for the company to review your suitability for the position. Thus, you must strive to maintain your uniqueness throughout the selection procedure to secure the job.

Having undergone an exhaustive first interview, it becomes difficult to guess the questions that can be asked during the second interview. All the same, you can expect questions that emphasize on specific details than general information.

Common Second Interview Questions :

Following are the questions that usually form the questionnaire for the second interview.

Other than these questions, employers may ask you questions relating to the technical aspects of the current position as well as the previous job. Perquisites and employee benefits may also be discussed during the second interview.

Also keep some insightful questions reserved to be asked to the interviewers. Here are some questions that you can ask:

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