Second Interview Thank You Letters

It is an unsaid rule that you must drop in a "Thank You" letter after each interview. Second interviews are no exceptions to that.

An invitation for second interview means that you have successfully impressed the root level hiring managers. Since the company wants to see you as their future employee, they have asked you to appear for the second round as well. While appearing for this interview, pay minute attention to even the smallest area to help you frame a unique Thank You letter, later.

A thank you letter is also called as a follow up letter. While drafting a follow up letter, ensure a few things.

A thank you letter after the second interview should essentially cover these points. You may engage in additional points as per requirement.
However, it is to be noted that thank you letters should not exceed more than 150 to 200 words.

Here is a format that you should follow while writing a follow up letter:


Company Name _____________;

Company Address _____________;

Subject: _____________;


Introduction _____________;

Main Body _____________;

Conclusion _____________;

End Salutations;


Sample Second Interview Thank You Letter - 1

17 March 2009;

ABC Pvt. Ltd.;
Xyz Street,;

Subject: Thank You note.;

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,;

Let me first express my gratitude towards the opportunity given to discuss the prospective employment with your organization.;

If selected, I'm sure that my association with the company will be a fruitful one. Given my educational qualifications and other related skills, I'm confident that I will be an asset to the company. I would like to recall that my credentials and experiences had impressed the entire panel of interviewers. I ensure you the best of my services, if selected for the job.;

Secondly, I'm very much impressed with the friendly work culture of the company. I'm looking forward to being a part of your team.;

I, once again, thank you for your time and consideration. Kindly let me know of the outcome.;

Thanking you,;

Yours truly,;


Sample Second Interview Thank You Letter - 2

28th August 2009;

ABC Pvt. Ltd.
Xyz Street,

Subject: Thank you Note

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

Thank you for offering me with the opportunity to discuss the possible association with your organization.;

I believe that my educational background and experience in this field gives me an edge over the others for this position. Interviews with your organization have always been a learning procedure for me. After second interview, I have been able to closely look at various facets of the company.;

Kindly accept my genuine interest to join your team and make the most of this employment opportunity.

Warm Regards,


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