How to Prepare for Software Testing Interview

The field of software development has witnessed enormous growth in recent years. There has been a steep increase in the number of people opting for this field. As the name suggests, Software development not only contains developers, but also a home for software testers, recruiters and administrative staff. Software testing is one of the interesting areas in development. The role of a tester is to check for flaws in the developed software.

To understand that software testing is part of the development, the candidate has to know about the software development life cycle (SDLC) .

SDLC is an almost cyclic process which determines the development of software in a flow type model. SDLC consists of:

Testing is an important part of the software development life cycle, which concentrates on identifying and eliminating problems in the developed software. In a software testing interview, a candidate will be expected to have an understanding of the following topics.

Preparation for a software testing interview requires a vast knowledge in the field. Because of the rapid growth and growing job opportunities in this field, many people have entered in the study of software testing. The increased numbers have created more competition in the software testing job market. To prepare for a software testing interview, the candidate has to take the following steps.

To stay ahead in the competition and find a good job, up to date knowledge is necessary. Especially in the software development field, new technologies and updates emerge frequently. The candidate has to make sure that he/she is an expert in the field.

In software testing interviews, recruiters mostly look for people with experience. The company may require the candidate to get into the projects without training. Therefore, it is better to gain experience in the field even if it is an internship. It is the practical working experience that always counts.

In software development and testing, you can increase your job prospects by acquiring a certification. A certification is an award given for a good performance in an examination that lists questions from one or more areas of study. Software testing certification exam details can be found on the internet.

The resume plays an important part in obtaining an interview call. The resume should be attractive and keyword rich to impress the recruiter. Knowledge, experience and certification act as weight increasing factors in a winning resume.

The important factors to be taken care on the day of the interview are: punctuality, looks and voice. Arriving at the interview venue on time, maintaining professional looks and speaking in a clear voice are the basic features to be followed to win the competition.

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