How to Answer Software Testing Interview Questions

The software field, with its vast development has opened doors for more opportunities. These opportunities have enabled the recruitment of more people into the field. One of the most important divisions in software development is software testing. Software testing holds a significant spot in the software development life cycle (SDLC). The responsibility of a software tester is to conduct tests on a developed product to find and report flaws.

A software testing interview is a screening ground for software testers. Candidates in the interview are expected to possess more than basic knowledge of software testing. The increased expectations are due to the boom in the field and explosion in the job market. In a testing interview, the candidates are generally posed with questions regarding the software development life cycle, software testing life cycle, bugs, types of testing and the software used for testing.

Following are a list of frequently asked questions in a software testing job interview.

These are career related questions. The candidate must remember that the interviewer will like to listen for a few minutes only. It is advisable to complete the answer within 2 minutes. Two minutes is shorter to hear, but is too long to listen to one's profile.

Answering technical questions needs patience. The interviewer will never qualify a candidate after listening to an unclear, inaudible and confusing answer. The candidate has to listen to the question attentively, understand the question, figure out the answer expected by the interviewer and answer in a clear voice. The answer should not be too long or too short. The answer should house the required information and be as crisp as possible. A detailed explanation can be given if required.

General questions are also a part of the software testing interview.

These questions are also meant to test the tester. Vague answers may invite negative impressions.

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