Third Interviews

Quite a few companies call candidates for a third round of interviews. Third interviews are important from the company's point of view.

Ideally, companies should be able to decide by the end of second interviews. However, tight job markets, limited openings combined with a large pool of qualified candidates render the company indecisive. Also, multiplied job responsibilities necessitate an extraordinarily qualified and skilled employee. Thus, in order to bag such incredible candidates, companies call for third round of interview.

Third interview is an overview of previous interviews. They serve as a refined search tools for the company. Candidates selected for the third interview are generally those who deserve to be offered a position in the company. A stiff competition among these candidates may be the first and the most important reason why companies arrange for a third interview.

One of the reasons why companies conduct a third round is to sort out minor issues relating to pay package, conveyance, stay arrangements for candidates etc. Third interviews are full of negotiations and clarifications.

Third Interview Tips
It is understandable that as a candidate you may have become tired of appearing for interviews one after the other. Thus, here are some tips to catapult you to success after the third round. Third interviews should not be treated lightly, under any circumstances as they are the final deciding factors.

Third Interview Questions
Thankfully, third interviews are free of typical questions like "Brief me about your resume" and "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" You are most likely to be interviewed by the team with which you may need to associate with. Thus, the questions will be specifically related to the job or to the project that they are handling.

You can also expect them to narrate you a problem that they are facing with the project. They may ask you to resolve that issue for them. Thus, brush up on your subject knowledge for you may have to apply it practically.

Third interview is the final step in any interviewing process. Ideally, at this stage, a company should be able to make up its mind. Otherwise, it dents the company's image and makes the candidates lose interest in them.

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