Video Interview Techniques

What is a video interview?

Video interview is no longer a new term in the professional world. With an advancement of technology, it is now possible to conduct interviews across shores with practically zero obstacles.

Video interview is considerably a cheaper option when weighed against the costs that the company or the candidate would have had to incur, in case of traveling to the actual place of interview. Video conferencing enables the two parties to process an interviewing session with least difficulties and maximum output.

Video Interviewing Techniques :

Every candidate may not be able to afford a video conferencing kit at his place. Thus, the interviewing company has to provide the candidates the facility so that they can undergo the interview. Most companies make the provisions of video interviewing at their local office, which the candidates can easily access.

Video interviewing can be intimidating sessions for the candidates. After all, it is not easy to face the camera and speak into the microphone while being interviewed. Even if the candidate does have an experience playing with the technical tools, it is an exceptional task to appear for an interview through a video kit.

Thus, it becomes highly important that the interviewer puts the interviewee at ease, as early as possible. Give the interviewee some time to settle and adjust to the new environment. The interview that follows will be the same as one on one interview. Thus, you can start your usual round of questions.

Allow some time margin so that the question reaches the candidate and he can think of an answer. Wait for the candidate to understand the question. In case he requires clarification, clearly articulate your question once again. Wired technology cannot be always trusted when it comes to the voice and video quality. Errors in the local server can damage the quality to quite an extent.

Under any circumstances, do not make the candidate feel uncomfortable or nervous. Whatever documents, certificates, references that you may need, should be asked to be submitted well before the interview. It will show you in a bad light if you ask for paper work at the last moment. Chances are that the candidate will feel highly nervous and un-prepared. Thus, avoid last minute demands and eventually, the chaos caused.

Things to pay attention to during a video interview :

A video interview is an important and serious business. The candidates are supposed to treat it with as much seriousness as they could for an in-person interview. Late arrival for the interview should not be excused. Similarly, look out for the candidate's attire. Smart attire is very much expected, just as for a face to face interview. A casual dressing style is a sign of casual attitude.

While you may not be able to directly communicate these issues to the candidate, you may as well consider them as vital points for selection or rejection.

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