IT Resume Sample With Important Tips

Holding strong technical skills is essential to land a job in a dream company. But unless and until they are presented to the recruiters professionally, the doors of the company won't open. That's where a resume detailed with required skills and credentials is necessary. Writing a resume that can compel recruiters to say “that's what we are looking for in candidates,” is not easy. You may be good in programming, or fixing bugs in a software application, but when you aren't able to demonstrate it precisely, you will never get spotted in the crowd of job seekers. Just as there is a competition among tech companies to hire the best talent, the same way, there are many talented techies vying for the job. So your IT resume has to be strong to catch the attention of recruiters.

IT Resume Tips

Bang on with an attractive career summary:

As per a survey by a leading job portal, it has been noticed that technical professionals avoid writing 'career summary.' They still prefer job objective in the resume. What they don't understand is that the Objective is only good for freshers or who have just completed graduation. For people who have collected experience, career summary is a good way to get noticed and make the recruiters read the entire resume. It provides an apt introduction about your skills, abilities, achievements, and attributes. Refer this example and use it only if it matches with yours.

A highly-qualified IT professional with 5+ years of experience in developing software applications for all types of platforms. Holds strong proficiencies in programming and fixing errors in new and existing software. Abilities to design software based on customer specifications and requirements. Instrumental in developing business-enterprise software for a variety of industries that boosted revenue of the company by 60%.

Use Technical Skills as a header

Being a technical job, recruiters scout for technical skills on the resume. To make it easy to notice, use a header and add skills under it. You can even present them separately by adding a sub-heading and listing. For example, use sub-headings as Programming Languages, Database, and Operating System. Under each of these, include appropriate skills.

Use 'Summary of Skills'

Though being a technical job, recruiters also expect candidates to hold required soft skills. Since IT projects involve team work, showing you are a good team player who can contribute to achieve the common goals will help. Further, leadership, communication, interpersonal, organizational, and time-management are other soft skills that hiring managers look for on the resume.

State Work Experience

This is that section of the resume that recruiters are interested in. So don't just list your job responsibilities. Instead, show what you did, the job title you hold, and list your accomplishments. The listing of work experience must force recruiters to think that you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Mostly importantly, information about your work experience needs to be presented in action verbs. Also, the latest one should be in the present continuous tense, and the previous ones in the past tense.


Though professional experience is one of the vital factor in getting the desired job, tech companies also want to see if you have the education or foundation for the job. Usually, an IT professional is required to complete degree course in computer science or software programming/development. Besides a degree course, companies also like to see any certification course done. So under the Education section, include additional course relevant to the job.

Use keywords Since companies announce job openings through various mediums, they describe duties and responsibilities entailed in the job. Read the job description carefully. and try to use keywords used. Doing so can help in picking up your resume by the Applicant Tracking System.

Proofread & Edit

This is the last but necessary step to follow for creating a strong resume. Though you are IT, it doesn't mean that you are good with grammar and spelling. So run spell-check before you give a “Print” command. Then, check the hard copy to ensue if everything has been corrected. If possible, get someone to proofread for you.

With these IT resume tips and sample provided below, build a strong job application and get noticed among the crowd of job seekers.

Sample IT Resume

Henry L. Harrison
162 South Avenue
Columbia, South Carolina 25384
Phone: 803-921-1044

Career Summary:

A dynamic IT professional with 5+ years of experience in handling information security and maintenance of servers. Adept at troubleshooting security, networking, engineering, and operating system software. Adept at improving software efficiency and fostering information security.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:
Security Analyst
M Anderson Technologies, Columbia, South Carolina
March 2017 – Present

Network Operations Monitoring Technician
Preston Technology Corporation, Columbia, South Carolina
January 2016– February 2017

Technical Support Specialist
KRM Information Center, Columbia, South Carolina
October 2015 – December 2016

Information Security Intern
Jason & Gray Associates, Columbia, South Carolina
May 2014 – September 2015



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