Enterprise Account Executive Responsibilities

Enterprise account executive responsibilities are vital to ensure the growth and increased profit margins for any business. They are found in a wide variety of industries ranging from insurance, pharmaceutical, information technology, advertising, media, etc. The main purpose is to increase the profits by establishing and acquiring new client accounts.

Key Responsibilities of an Enterprise Account Executive

There is a huge competition in every field and thus business organizations rely heavily upon implementing different sales strategies, plans, and actions that would help in promoting their products thus yielding better sales. This in turn would help in achieving the sales targets and objectives for any business. This is where an enterprise account executive plays an important role. Let us have a look at the key responsibilities that need to be performed by them:

  1. To develop and establish new clients to increase the sales
  2. To maximize the revenue by developing and implementing defined new plans and strategies
  3. To participate and lead in the trade and community events and help in generating enterprise leads by appropriately managing the existing relationships and by using networking contacts
  4. To negotiate on the prices of contracts that are related to the sales activities
  5. To identify the prospective accounts by conducting proper research and analysis and make relevant product presentations, formally or informally
  6. To maintain strong business relationships with clients

Besides these responsibilities, they also perform other duties which are as follows:

Essential Skills

Enterprise account executives are mostly engaged in the sales, therefore strong communication skills are a must. Besides, they also need to make presentations related to the company's products.

They should have good analyzing skills and should be able to think creatively and chalk out innovative strategies that will improve the sales figures. Should be able to identify and tap potential clients and be able to understand their needs.

Should have strong background in account management and sales with an ability to influence and negotiate the contract terms. They should be self motivated and should have an ability to handle pressure situations and work in a target oriented environment.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree in business management, administration, sales management, economics, or any other relevant field is sufficient to make an entry as an enterprise account executive. A successful track record demonstrating sales experience will prove to be of great help in getting the desired job. Those with less academic exposure, but extensive experience and product knowledge will have better chances of getting the job.

Work Hours

Enterprise account executives need to be flexible in their working hours. Though the duty hours mostly last for thirty five to forty hours per week, they may be extended depending on meetings, conferences, etc. Occasionally, they may need to travel.

Salary Details

The salary varies depending on the size and type of organization they are working in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it normally falls in the range of $95,000 to $ 115,000. It also depends on experience and relevant skills and academic background.

Career Prospects

The future for these executives is really bright. Based on their performance, they can be promoted as managers, which requires them to handle more responsibilities and offers better salary package.

Thus, if you are aiming to make a mark in the sales field and establish yourselves by achieving higher positions, then make sure you carry out the enterprise account executive responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

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