Head Cashier Job Description

The head cashier responsibilities include administrating and overseeing junior and new cashiers. He/she may also serve as a role model for the same ones. He/she is held accountable for examining a particular company's foremost executed activities that include running the accounts, upholding client services, documenting fiscal records, observing the written audits and accounts, and making sure that the company does not face any fiscal issues. Her/his roles and duties also need to be executed with accordance to the plans and programs followed by that particular company.

A head cashier deals with all the financial statements that count on the integration of commodities and services bought by the clients. He/she may work in retail companies or other business organizations. He/she generally indulges in executing multiple operations that include updating the cash records from time to time, settling business and fiscal dealings, and comprehending the ways and means through which the entire billing administration system works. A head cashier has some key responsibilities that are stated as under:

key responsibilities of Head Cashier

Qualifications and Skills Required

A person who finds it satisfying enough to execute the job responsibilities and duties of a head cashier needs to have passed high school. He/she need not be a graduate and may do well with some years of experience under her/his belt. For instance, a candidate who started working part time as a cashier when He/she was fourteen or fifteen need not be a graduate, but must have completed high school education.

At the beginning of her/his career, He/she is always instructed by someone who is senior to her/him and who already works as a cashier. Gradually, He/she picks up the fundamentals as well as complicated accounts and audit functions. Apart from these qualifications and experience, He/she also needs to possess some skills. A head cashier must have a cool and charming persona. He/she should have good calculating, accounts and client service skills. He/she needs to be soft spoken to the customers and should have good administration, heading, observation and documentary skills. Finally, He/she should also be mentally prepared to submit entries continually in a cash register and should be comfortable with this whole idea.

Working Conditions

A head cashier may work indoors or outdoors depending on the kind of job He/she chooses. He/she may work in schools, multiplexes, retail companies or supermarkets or other places that take active part in fiscal and monetary dealings. Her/his is a dynamic ambience where He/she remains immersed in bills, mathematical calculations and other transactions.


A head cashier may earn around USD 27, 000 normally in a year. But this may also depend on her/his company and location. Obviously, her/his skills and expertise play an equivalent role in deciding the same.

Thus, the head cashier responsibilities include hiring new cashiers for her/his retail company and supervising a unit of junior cashiers under her/him.

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