Administrative Clerk Responsibilities

Managing the paperwork that is generated in the administrative department is main requirement in the administrative clerical responsibilities. The administrative department generates a lot of paperwork and a clerical department is exclusively required to handle it all.

The documents of the administrative department are important and the clerks have to file them away carefully. These documents are not stored with other documents. Their hard and soft copies are stored in secure locations and only the administration and administrative clerks have access to them.

The administrative clerks have access to sensitive information about the company and hence, they have to handle all the documents responsibly. Each document has to be double checked. They also have to confirm the documents from the person in the administration department who has sent it. The clerks have to be in constant contact with the people in the administration department.

The administration clerks are required to have knowledge of documentation. Their company might be using specific software, so the clerks have to know them and use it for documentation. There are more administrative clerical responsibilities given below in detail.

Administrative Clerk Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

This position is available to candidates who are experienced being in clerical positions. Some companies are fine with a high school diploma but many companies ask for a graduate degree. There are also clerical work courses offered by education institutes and community colleges. These courses are also considered by the companies. However, experience is the main requirement.

Industry Prospects

The demand for this position is on the rise in all companies. Competition is on the rise and all companies want to be at their efficient best. Therefore, the administrative clerks are there to increase the efficiency of the administration. They get a salary amount in between $22,351 - $51,521 annually. Since they work for the administration department, they are also entitled to get benefits.

Tech Skills

Most of their work is done on the computer. Therefore, computer proficiency is the primary requirement in the job. Many companies make use of software designed especially for them. The administrative clerks should be well-trained in using that software. They also have to provide training to the new employees who do not know about the software. Technical skills specific to a clerk are also taught in educational institutes.

Job Conditions

Clerks are required to sit in their places for long hours. Therefore, they have to look after their physical fitness. They also have to work with facts and figures and sit in front of a computer for a long time. Hence, mental fitness is also a prerequisite if one wants to get into this profession.

The administrative clerical responsibilities are to carry out the documentation of all the data from the administrative department. This position is an integral part of administration department.

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