Administrative Law Judge Responsibilities

The administrative law judge responsibilities are quite different from that of the court. Though, passing judgment and resolving matters remain the core duties, there are many responsibilities they have to perform. This profession is important for the functioning of judiciary; therefore, read the profile if you are interested in this position.

The law judge requires all the qualifications of a judge, but in addition to that, there are a certain more requirements without which one cannot become an administrative law judge. The judges are specially appointed for the case and they may be asked to hear the case in the court or even in the offices of the parties involved.

Firstly, they have to understand the case and should study up the claims from both the parties. Their authority is final decision-making authority, hence, it is important that they come to a fair and just decision. The judge should know the laws of the agency or state and make decisions accordingly. This is important because laws, rules and regulations are different in each state. The judges have to be aware of all those laws.

Once the case begins, they have to hear out both the parties but before that, they have to put them under oath. This is a necessary task that is a part of every court hearing. There are just the basic few duties the administrative law judge has to comply to. The rest administrative law judge responsibilities are stated below.

Administrative Law Judge Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

Only people who have experience as a lawyer can move onto become administrative judges. To become a lawyer, one requires to clear law school, the state bar exam and they need to have a license from the state. Another criteria they have to fulfill is of experience of administrative cases. This is an requirement without no judge can be appointed as an administrative law judge.

Industry Prospects

Law cannot really be termed as industry but there is a requirement of administrative law judges. The number of cases is increasing by the day and more judges are required, so court cases are sorted out fast and effectively. The judges make a huge salary since they have a lot of experience. Their salary figures cross a 100K but that also depends upon the city and state they are working in. They are entitled to the all the finest benefits that senior government job provides.

Tech Skills

The judges require only some basic tech skills like using a computer. However, if they have to hear cases about technology dispute and patent violations, they have to know about that technology, at least in theory. Otherwise, no extra tech skills are required.

Job Conditions

They face the stress of making a right decision on a daily basis. Other than that, the job is quite comfortable. Administrative law judges are well respected in society. Therefore, many lawyers aim to become judges.

The administrative law judge responsibilities make this position a high priority and high responsibility job. This position is an important part of the whole judicial system.

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