Administrative Specialist Responsibilities

Keeping an analytical watch on the administration that takes place in the company is the main part in the administrative specialist responsibilities. As the title suggests, they are specialist in administration. Though, they do not hold position in the management, they are required to provide support to all people in the management. This profession is about providing them assistance in their daily work.

Do not confuse this profession with job of a secretary or an assistant, this position has administrative power and they understand administrative tasks. The administration is completely reliant on them to complete all the additional tasks they get. The specialists are given additional powers to make decisions for the management. This is a coveted position and they get many opportunities to move ahead.

The management requires them to generate the important documents of the administration. These documents contain important information and hence, the management trusts them with such documents. The administration also requires them do project specific research work. If they are working on a project, the administration asks them to get information on it. This again is private and confidential information and only the specialists are trusted with it.

The administrative specialists also set up meetings with important clients. They then inform the assistant of the administration who then set up the appointment. The administrative specialists are bestowed with many more duties, to know them read the administrative specialist responsibilities and duties given below.

Administrative Specialist Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

This profession is for people who have experience working as an administrative secretary or assistant. It is difficult for a fresh graduate to join this position. One advantage with this profession is that too much education is not required even people who just have a high school degree or something of equivalence is considered for the job. Most of the duties are learnt on the jobs.

Industry Prospects

Since this position is a specialist position, there is a lot of demand for this position in large companies. They are more qualified and experienced than secretaries; therefore, people prefer to hire them as they are more reliable. Their pay scale is more than that of a secretary. Their salary amounts lies in between $46,000 - $54,000. They get seniority with experience and their salary also increases with time.

Tech Skills

Since they generate and file important documents, they have to be efficient in using the computer and various software. Many companies have special software; in that case, they have to learn how to use that software efficiently. They also make presentations and other documents. They attend the phones and in large companies, the phone systems are complicated and hence, they have to be good with technology and should be able to adapt any new technology.

Job Conditions

They are required to move about a lot in the office. Many times, they may even have to accompany the administration into meetings or visits to other offices. Therefore, they have to be physically fit. They also get a comfortable place in the office.

The administrative specialist responsibilities make this profession more important than that of an assistant. The difference in their salary also reflects the fact. Many secretaries and assistants aim to reach up to this position.

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