AIX Administrator Responsibilities

The AIX administrator responsibilities are different from a simple computer administrator. AIX is a platform belonging to the UNIX operating system. The AIX administrator handles all the systems working on this platform. They also have to manage the technicians and operators working in the company.

The main AIX administrator responsibilities are maintaining the complex AIX platform and further improving performance. This platform is used in all the major IT firms. These firms mainly work in providing software solutions to complex requirements. Therefore, they work on the AIX platform. This platform is uncommon and is used for special purposes only.

This platform is complex and it would be difficult for just one person to handle it; therefore, the administrators have a number of technicians working under their guidance. The administrators have to train them in the protocols of the company and assign them duties for the platform. They also have to carefully monitor the working of this platform and sort out any issues they might come across.

One more part of the AIX administrator responsibilities is to design documentation system compatible with the platform and operating system. These duties are still a few, to know all the AIX administrator responsibilities, read further.

AIX Administrator Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

AIX administrators need to have good experience under their belt. They need to have worked as a junior administrator or junior engineer for the AIX platform. They need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science at least. A master's degree in the same subject or something computer related is helpful in advancement.

Industry Prospects

This software is used by most IT firms; therefore, there is a lot of scope for jobs in such firms. These firms pay really well and offer the best benefits to all their employees, not to mention salaries. The administrators get a salary in between $48,525 - $72,056. They also receive substantial hikes each year. The IT sector is doing really well and it is a good time to be in this field.

Tech Skills

AIX administration is all about tech skills. They have to be experts in using a computer and various other operating systems. They also have to teach the technicians about the AIX platforms. They also have to closely work with the engineers and help them with delivering software and solutions according to the need of the clients. Therefore, their tech skills have to be immaculate.

Job Conditions

Though, they have their own office, they are constantly on the move with the technicians. They have people working under guidance; hence, they do not have much manual work, but they have administrative responsibilities on their shoulders.

The AIX administrator responsibilities are more towards managing the technicians and operators. They do most of the repair and maintenance work.

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