Archivist Responsibilities

Archivist responsibilities is the sum total of all the activities an archivist performs. Archivists are employed at museums, corporations, federal organizations, educational institutes, art galleries, and in all other organizations where records, artifacts, data, photographs, or other collectibles are stored for reference or preservation.

The role of an archivist differs with every organization. An archivist working in a museum is required to keep a record of the collectibles and store them safely, either in a showcase or container. He interacts with the visitors in the museum and provide information regarding the various artifacts in the museum. He has to monitor the activities of the visitors and see that no damage is done to the artifacts on display. He interacts with the people who want to sell antiques and inform the management about the price quoted by the seller. Archivists working in a museum are also referred to as curators.

On the other hand, an archivists working for a federal organization will be involved in the safekeeping of official records. He may also prepare a digital database to provide a backup of all the information stated in the documents. He helps the officers in retrieving the files and provides photocopies of the same if required.

Similarly, an archivist working for an art gallery identifies the items to be stored and displayed at the gallery. He helps in organizing events in the gallery and managing day-to-day operations of the gallery.

Please refer to the job responsibilities of archivists working in different organizations.

Archivist in a Museum

An archivist employed in a museum performs the following activities on a routine basis:

Archivist in a Corporation

Archivist in an Art Gallery

Skills of an Archivist

To work in the position of archivist, an individual should be:

Becoming an Archivist

Organizations usually prefer to hire individuals with a minimum of bachelor's degree in library science or history. Some organizations may only look for candidates with a master's degree in museum studies. Individuals looking forward for a career in this profession can also opt for a certificate course offered by the Academy of Certified Archivists.

Career Scope for an Archivist

Average salary for an archivist is $49,000 and the salary range across different states is $39,000-$58,000. The actual salary offered to an archivist is based on the organization's pay structure, archivists' qualifications, and the job timings and duties as well.

Archivist responsibilities present a detailed description of this job and associated roles. If you have been inclined for a similar job, you can opt for a course mentioned above and embark on your professional journey.

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