Assistant Merchandiser Responsibilities

All the assistant merchandiser responsibilities are assigned to provide administrative and operational support for procurement and showcasing of materials in a franchisee or retail store, grocery, and other showrooms where large quantities of inventory are maintained to fulfill the demands of the consumers.

The procurement and warehousing of products for any store is a lengthy process. The assistant merchandiser analyzes the requirements of each product for the store by studying the buying behavior of consumers and sales figures of the store. This is important because it helps to store to increase its sales and profits for the coming period. They also participate in the launch of new products and any other promotional activities initiated by the store or a specific brand.

Assistant merchandiser helps the store manager and floor staff in setting up the display of merchandise and stands in the store to increase visibility. He communicates with the suppliers, places orders and ensures that the orders are delivered on time and the merchandise is in a good condition when delivered at the store. Assistant merchandiser sometimes works from more than one store and looks after the merchandise requirements of each store.

Assistant merchandiser responsibilities are summarized here to provide you a clear picture of his efforts and contribution in the functioning of a store:

Assistant merchandiser responsibilities are to execute the responsibilities of the merchandiser while he is away and ensure that the operations of a store are not affected in any case.

Skills of an Assistant Merchandiser

An assistant merchandiser is expected to have sound knowledge of market research, store operations, pricing and other operations of the retail market. Strong analytical, problem solving, organizational and communication skills are a must for assistant merchandiser. This person needs to be business oriented.

Becoming an Assistant Merchandiser

To become an assistant merchandiser, you need at least a bachelor's degree in business management, marketing, retail, or a business related course whereas a master's degree in the same course will be an added advantage. Previous experience in sales and marketing gives you an insight into the market trends and consumer behavior which will help you to work efficiently in this position.

Career Scope

Assistant merchandisers earn an average salary of $70,000 which depends on the size of the store, your experience and the responsibilities assigned at work.

Assistant merchandiser responsibilities are critical in the operations of any retail store and in increasing the sales and revenues.

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