Assistant Planner Responsibilities

Assistant planner responsibilities, qualifications, career scope and other attributes related to this position are all but similar because with each sector, there are set of regulations that define the nature of this job for the incumbents.

As an assistant planner, you are responsible to work under the direct supervision of the chief planner or planning head in the organization. Planners work under various job titles such as media planner (in advertising agency), merchandise planner (for retail store), urban planner (for urban planning authorities), and so on. The planner cannot perform all the duties by himself and he generally needs an assistant planner to help him with the professional chores.

Assistant planner responsibilities are to efficiently organize the tasks of the planning department and provide necessary support in order to execute planning operations. Though there are a specific set of responsibilities in every organization; all the assistant planners are hired with an aim to share the duties of chief planner and be a resourceful employee for the organization.

To get a better perspective about the job of an assistant media planner, go through the job profile of assistant planner in different organizations:

Key Responsibilities of Assistant Planner in Different Organizations

Responsibilities of an Assistant Media Planner

Responsibilities of an Assistant Financial Planner

Responsibilities of an Assistant Space Planner

As you can see, the assistant planner responsibilities are solely dependent on the business of the organization.

Skills of an Assistant Planner

Irrespective of the organization where an assistant planner works, he must possess excellent skills of communication, documentation, statistical analysis; technical skills (CAD, MS Office, and internet), etc. Assistant planners must be willing to learn and grow with every project in order to be a worthy employee for the organization.

Becoming an Assistant Planner

Different organizations ask for different educational qualifications when they hire assistant planner. For example, an assistant media planner is expected to hold a degree or diploma course in mass communication, whereas an assistant merchandise planner or assistant financial planner must hold a degree in business administration or an equivalent field.

Career Scope

Assistant planner can expect an annual compensation of $65,000 that may vary with location and organization. Assistant planners must work hard for a few years to move to a higher position.

Assistant planner responsibilities are to undertake all the administrative and operational tasks and support in the planning and execution of a project in which they work.

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