Field Organizer Responsibilities

The job of a field organizer gains significance whenever there is any political campaign,or some special campaigns to educate people, or whenever there is requirement of staff in some union or nonprofit organization. For effective execution of field organizer responsibilities, an individual needs to maintain and have excellent public relations skills and should be particularly skilled in people management.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Organizer

A field organizer generally works as the face of that particular political party he/she is campaigning for. He/she interacts with a diverse range of people including local activists and assists in building a cohesive and a strong volunteer infrastructure. He/she is responsible for participating at various events and meetings and representing at various campaigns.

To understand what are the basic responsibilities that need to be handled by a field organizer, the points mentioned below will definitely help you in giving a better and a more clear idea:

  1. To ensure that appropriate staff has been hired and that they have been given proper training
  2. To make sure that the existing volunteers are retained
  3. To establish and build a rapport with the voters on behalf of the political party he/she is working for
  4. To make sure that newly appointed staff maintains and builds good contacts with the voters by persuading and motivating them to vote
  5. To help in building and developing leaders and assist in planning and execution of various events and activities by studying the demographics and analyzing the data
  6. To supervise the scheduled events and campaigns and ensure that there is effective execution of strategies

Other Responsibilities contains:

Essential Skills Required

To ensure success as a field organizer, it is very essential that an individual should have exceptional interpersonal communication skills. He/she should be able to convince and impress the people by communicating effectively. He/she should have a multitasking ability and should have an ability to meet the given deadlines and goals. He/she should be outgoing and friendly person with a can do it attitude. He/she should have a keen interest in politics and should be able to demonstrate excellent leadership and management skills.

Educational Background

Though no particular educational qualification is necessary, those who have completed formal education in politics, political science, or any other relevant field would be preferred. However, those with demonstrated work experience in political campaigning would definitely have an advantage.

Work Schedule

The field organizers have a hectic work schedule. He/she may be busy even on the weekends and holidays, as he/she needs to reach maximum people. Thus, he/she does not have a fixed schedule and may require to work for long hours.

Salary Details

The salary of the field organizer varies in the range of $25,000 to $50,000. The average salary offered for a field organizer is $37,000. It is also equally dependent on the relevant skills, academic background, and previous work experience in a similar profile.

Career Prospects

With the increasing population, the demand for field organizers is definitely going to increase in order to reach a larger audience. It can be one of the most satisfying options for those who are interested in entering the field of politics.

Thus, before you step into this field, you now are well aware of the various field organizer responsibilities that need to be carried out as well as the other required skills and qualifications that are required to take your career to new heights.

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