Field Trainer Responsibilities

Training the candidate is one of the most important roles that helps in shaping and molding the career of a person by making full utilization of his/her potential to achieve the organization's mission. The role of a field trainer is to make the trainee aware of his/her core skills, to make him/her feel confident, and to motivate him/her to achieve the assigned goals and objectives.

Field trainer responsibilities comprise designing the training material in such a manner so as to support the training needs of the field trainee, which in turn will enhance the quality of work done.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Trainer

A field trainer is required whenever a newly hired staff needs to be trained on field to carry out the relevant work allocated to them. Field trainers mostly need to give training to the individuals doing sales jobs and provide guidance on how to perform their duties effectively.

For this, they design a training program and develop material that will help the trainee in achieving his/her field targets. Here is a detailed description that will help you to give a better idea about the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by a field trainer in different sectors.

Field Trainer in Banking and Financial Sector:

Field Trainer for Sales:

Thus, for the trainees, a field trainer must be able to project himself/herself as a role model. He/she should be able to clearly and effectively communicate the expectations to the juniors and guide them on how to add value to their overall work and performance.

He/she is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the progress of the trainees during the training sessions and provide them with the relevant feedback that will help them in improving their individual performance as well as help in enhancing their personal skills and attributes.

He/she makes sure that every trainee applies the concepts taught in the classroom to their field work and makes sure that every query has been resolved. He/she is involved in scheduling the training programs, reserving the rooms, and setting up the relevant training equipment.

Thus, he/she develops training modules to suit and meet the organization's goals.

Essential Skills

Educational Background

The minimum education required to be eligible for the post of a field trainer is a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college in education, business, finance, or any other relevant field. Previous training work experience is necessary to get the right opportunity.

Work Schedule

A field trainer needs to work along with the trainee field sales executives to support their training needs. He/she generally works for thirty to forty hours per week, Monday through Friday. He/she may need to work overtime, if there is workload. He/she may also extend his/her work hours if he/she needs to conduct additional training sessions or participate in various meetings to improve the training.

Salary Details

The minimum offered salary for a field trainer is close in the range of $37,000 to $40,000. The individuals with experience in a similar profile can get salary in the range of $78,000 to $84,000. It is also depends on the relevant skills, education, type of industry, and size of the organization he/she is working for.

Career Prospects

There is a huge demand for field trainers in various industries. Those who have excelled in executing the duties as per the requirements of the organization will surely be promoted as training managers or to any other related higher post. So this can surely be one of the most satisfying and lucrative career options.

Thus, to become a complete professional, one must be able to carry out the field trainer responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

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