Agent Job Responsibilities

The agent responsibilities range depends upon the industry they are working in. Agents work in many industries and the duties they have to perform are quite different from each other. Their titles may also be different and may not have the word agent in it, but their duties are of an agent. Though, it may not seem, agents are important for functioning of a business. Therefore, if you are interested in this unconventional type of profession, read the Agent responsibilities section.

The profiles on agents are different because their functioning is quite different from any other profession. The first difference that comes to mind is the salary. Many agents do not have a monthly fixed income, instead, they get a percentage on the business they bring in for the company or an individual. One such example is of an agent for an actor. The agent gets acting jobs for their client and in return, they are paid a small percentage of the money that the actors is supposed to get as fees. However, this is not the only type of agent, there are many more such agents but most of them get money in this way.

Another important agent job that comes to mind is of the stock broker. They play the middleman in the buying and selling of stocks. Stocks is something that not everyone can understand, but many want to invest in them as they are great way to make fast money despite the risk. Therefore, they take the help of a stock broker and the broker guides them on when to buy and sell stocks, In return, the brokers get a percentage on every transaction made and they also end up making good money. To become a broker, one does not really need a a lot of education, they only need to have a keen sense of the stock market. Some brokers function individually while some work in brokerage firms. The ones working in firms get a good salary and are required to have certain qualifications.

Another agent position that is common is of the sports agent. They are agents to professional sports players. They represent them and even look after the aspects other than sports in their life. They get the best team offers for the players and negotiate their playing contract with the team. They also get endorsement deals for them of products or any other such thing. The agents even manage the public relation duties for them. Managing a sports person is not an easy task, but the money the agents receive in fees is really good. Details about this profile is present in the agent responsibilities section.

Almost everyone has a travel agent, and this profession also has been profiled in the agent responsibilities section. The travel agents arrange for travel. They mostly arrange for air tickets but they are capable for arranging other forms of travel as well. Their services are mostly sought by people who have to frequently travel. The agents specialize in arranging for travel at a short notice and hence, their services are quite popular. Many of them even arrange vacations for their clients and arrange everything from travel to their hotel stay. These are the main duties of a travel agent, to know more, read about it in the agent responsibilities profile.

There are agents who work in the corporate structure as well. A purchasing agent is in-charge of making purchases on behalf of the company they work for. They could be making purchases of anything that ranges from raw materials to office supplies, this is their main job. However, what is different that they are expected to make the purchases lower than the market value. Hence, the term exist in their title. There are many more such agent profiles in the agent responsibilities section.

All the agent profiles have well-rounded information in them. There is also information on where they will get employment, as some agents work alone while some work in agencies. Other forms of agents find work in firms and companies and their salary structure is also different. Therefore, carefully read all the agent profiles so you will be prepared before you get into the profession.

Here is the list of different types of agent job responsibilities:

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