Air Freight Manager Job Description

The air freight manager's position is extremely important. They are in charge of the good that are delivered through freight carriers. Most of things in the freight are expensive material and hence, a responsible person is required for the job. To read more on this profession, read the air freight manager job description given for your benefit.

The freight manager has to look after all the cargo the loads and unloads from the plane. They have to check each item that is being shipped and make entries for it. There could be hundreds of things on the freight; the manager is the one who is responsible for them.

The manager has to look after all the workers who work for the company. The workers are the ones who do all the manual labor work like the loading and unloading, but the manager is the one who is responsible for them. They have to manage the all the workers' shifts and assign them work accordingly. They also have to hire and train new employees.

The manager will maintain records of all the goods that are being delivered. Coordination with other personnel like the logistics manager is an important part of their job; this helps them keep a track of all the goods. Any lapse in coordination could result in loss of goods worth millions. Therefore, they have to be in constant touch with a lot of personnel and keep a track of the goods.

Delay is the part and parcel of this profession; hence, the delays in timing of delivery have to be managed also. The manager will make sure the all goods are delivered on time, and if there is a delay, they will have to make up the loss in time by speeding up other deliveries.

Duties and responsibilities of a freight manager

Education required for the post of air freight manager

Career Advancement

Experience and good work in this field can lead to a post in the higher management, where they get to handle operations taking place in the whole country.

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