Aircraft Maintenance Manager Job Description

Air travel, statistically, is the safest mode of transport, and a huge factor that contributes to the safety is the maintenance of the aircraft. There are strict procedures that are in place, and the person in charge of all the procedure implementation is the aircraft maintenance manager. To know more about this profession, read the aircraft maintenance manager job description we have provided for your read.

Aircrafts are watched strictly by the authorities. A lot of it depends on the proper working of a plane and hence, the authorities have come up with strict rules and regulations. There is a whole maintenance team, who look after the up-keep of the plane. The person who manages this team is the aircraft maintenance manager.

The manager has to manage the team; they have to assign duties to each person according to their capabilities. They have to manage the shifts of the workers, as they work in different shifts as plane keep coming and going day and night. The manager has to hire and train the employees. They have to oversee all the maintenance work that is going on. They have to make reports and file them after maintenance work on one plane is done, these reports can be referred to if incase the plane suffers any technical snag.

If any major snag is found out by the workers, they report it to the manager who in turn makes a report and reports it to the higher authorities. The manager will then have to disqualify the plane from flying until the proper repair work is done on the plane. This safety procedure is an important part of the aircraft maintenance manager job description.

The manager also has to spot which planes are not in great shape and need to be discarded before they become a safety hazard. This job holds a lot of importance and they are the ones who keep our skies safe. If you are interested to know more, read the aircraft maintenance manager job description given in detail below.

Duties and responsibilities of an aircraft maintenance manager

Education required for the position aircraft maintenance manager

Career Advancement

Aircraft maintenance managers move into higher management as they gain experience, some even work for the federal authorities as air crash investigative authorities.

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