Airline Operations Manager Job Description

Air travel is on the rise and the number of lights and carriers that are operating today have increased substantially. What all this means that there are many flights that arrive at an airport at the same time, but to avoid accidents, their taking off and landing has to be carefully coordinated. There are special operators assigned only for this task, and the person in charge of these operations is the airline operations manager. To know more about this profession, read the airline operations manager job description given for your read.

The airline operations manager's main job is to look after the ground and air operations happening. Scheduling of the flights is another task that they have to handle. This task is very important and to do this task well, they have be in contact with all the flight operators. Delay happen quite a few time and the operations manager has to make the adequate changes in the flight timings. All these tedious tasks have to be carried out by the manager, the airline operations manager job description will tell you in detail.

The operations manager has to hire all the staff and provide them with expert training. Any mistake by them in coordinating all the incoming and outgoing flight could have disastrous results. They also have a say in the design of the airport runways and they have to make sure that they work according to the standards required by the government.

The implementation of these standards in all operations; hiring of qualified staff to the designs of the runways and the quality of the planes, have to be overseen by the airline operations manager. The education required for this job is technical and a little expensive, but the money they make is good and the opportunity for advancement is also very good.

Read through the airline operations manager job description given in detail below for all the relevant information.

Duties and responsibilities of an operations manager

Education required by an airline operations manager

Career Advancement

With good work and experience in this field, the operations manager can move up in the management, some even land jobs in the government or the military or charter private planes for the rich and famous.

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