Airport Project Manager Job Responsibilities

The airport project manager is a crucial professional who takes the responsibility of overseeing the construction work of an airport from start to end. He is in charge of the entire airport project and almost all the management decisions are taken by him. He is required to report to the top brass of the management of the construction company which has undertaken the project. He majorly looks after the four life cycles of an airport undertaking, which test his project management skills, viz., contract and tender confirmation, airport master planning, preliminary, conceptual, and elaborative design planning, and feasibility survey or examination.

Airports today are not just places where aircrafts take off and land. In fact, they have become modernized places where people can do a lot more than just completing the aircraft boarding and exiting procedures. Modern-day airports are equipped with restaurants, shopping malls, bars etc. For careful planning and implementation of these outlets and other facilities, the manager is needed to use his expertise to ensure a practicable and safe construction of the airport.

When any firm acquires a project to establish an airport, it sets up a team of engineers, architects, and managers to oversee the project. The manager generally coordinates with different personnel working on the project. Initially, the manager works with the engineers and architects to prepare a blueprint of the project. The later task includes the securing of necessary permissions and permits, so as to ensure a smooth working of the project.

Necessary workers are hired and are delegated duties according to their skills and capabilities. Immediate decisions have to be made if any problem arises during the completion of the project. Any delay would take a toll on the construction work. Meeting deadlines is another important task which the manager has to closely consider while accomplishing his duties.

The most important part of the job is to apply the safety standards. In any airport, safety is the prime issue; therefore, the manager has to see that all the safety measures are in place at all times during the execution of the project.

Explore the duties of an airport project manager in more detail through the below given section.

Duties and responsibilities


Career Advancement

A good performance will certainly help the airport project managers to aim for higher positions in the management sector such as Senior Airport Project Manager.

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