Airport Security Manager Job Description

In these times or uncertainty and terror, security at the airport has become the prime concern. There are scores of security measure that are in place at an airport, not to mention the security officials. To manage all of it, there is an airport security manager. To know more about this post, read the airport security manager job description, we have given for your benefit.

Security is the most important factor at an airport. Who can forget the 9/11? Ever since that fateful day, security at all airports has been made extremely strict. The airport security manger has to be responsible for the implementation of these strict measures. They are also in charge of all the security officials, also known as, TSA agents.

Airports are one of the most vulnerable targets; hence, the manager has to be on the alert on all times. They have to carry out inspections on a regular basis. They have to look for weak spots in the airport and plug them immediately. Airports today, are so much than just places to catch flights. There are number of other commercial businesses that are going on inside the airport. Many of them have shopping malls, duty free shops, food courts, gaming zones etc., the list is endless. Therefore, security is required for these places too and the airport security manager is responsible for it.

They have to check the hours and hours of security footage, and store it safely for any other future review. There are also a number of wanted individual that are flagged by other security agencies. If any such individual is seen, they have to be arrested by airport security. The manager will have to ensure the arrest is carried out smoothly and the criminal is given to the proper authority. All the mentioned tasks are just a few of the duties of an airport security manager, to know about it in detail, go through the airport security manager job description.

Duties and responsibilities of an airport security manager

Education required for the post of airport security manager

  • A bachelor's degree in the appropriate field like administration or law enforcement or aviation
  • Experience in security and management

    Career Advancement

    They can become a part of federal security as they gain experience. They also move up in the top brass of management in the airport.

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