Alumni Relations Manager Job Responsibilities

The alumni relations manager is mainly responsible for the planning, designing, and execution of a set of extensive programs which involve a number of activities used to keep the alumni informed and render concrete benefits to them. It is the duty of the manager to implement such programs to acknowledge the prominent and deserving alumni and ensure their involvement with the organization. The manager makes sure that there is active and interested engagement of the alumni in the furtherance of the objectives of the organization (school, college, or company). For this purpose, he develops a firm collaboration with the associates working in various administrative departments like Student Affairs, Admissions, etc.

The professional works as a consulting authority for the student alumni association divisions. In order to further the process and raise profitable funds for the programs, the relations manager also functions as a magazine editor or class note editor to design magazines, newsletters, and other print publications. Planning of alumni reunions, special events for former graduates, and other programs is one of the interesting tasks of this job profile.

Functioning in close relation with the Alumni Board of Directors is another responsibility of the relations manager where he looks after the building of workforce for its committees, portrays administrative leadership, and organizes group meetings for the board. He thoroughly scans the alumni directory, alumni websites or portals, written communications, postal returns, and alumni reviews to form a precise and absolute information database of the alumni which includes their career data, contact information, and biographies.

Partnering with the prime personnel of the organization forms the base of the job description of the alumni relations manager. With a view to arrange for the approachability and advancement of career networking facilities, the manager may need to cooperate with the Dean of Student Services. Similarly, he may require to collaborate with the Administrator of Admissions to present the participation of alumni in the admission procedures.

Job Responsibilities

Alumni relations manager plays a very important role in coordinating all the functions of the organization that aim towards the promotion of alumni. Here are some of the important responsibilities listed under this profile.


Career Advancement

An alumni relations manager has good career prospects where he can excel in the management sector or discover a new level in this field by becoming the Director of Alumni Relations. He can also choose between the Head of Development/External Affairs or Headmaster of Alumni & External Relations job profiles.

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