Animal Care Manager Job Description

Animals have become an important part of society. They exist among us in zoos, circuses, farms, etc. These animals are not in their natural habitat and hence, they have to be carefully looked after. These animals have handlers or caretakers who look after them. The person who is in charge of all the handlers, and does all the administrative work is the animal care manager. For more information on this profession, read the animal care manager job description.

The animal care managers have to manage all the caretakers and the staff that is present in the animal facility. They have to manage all the shifts of the workers. They are also in charge of hiring them. They have to interview, check their credentials, make background checks and then assign them the duties accordingly.

The animal care managers have to know about different kinds of animals. Like in the case of a zoo, there could be many different animals. The manager will need to have knowledge about all these animals. They should know about their habitat, the weather conditions suitable for them and the type of food they like. This is an important requirement in the animal care manager job description.

Animal care managers have to arrange for regular veterinary checkups. Whenever the vet makes rounds, the managers have to accompany them while they make rounds and should inform them if any particular animal is having health problems. Animal care managers also have to ensure that all the animals are receiving regular vaccinations. Animals are prone to catching diseases and hence, this important task has to be followed regularly. If any animal catches any disease, they have to call in the veterinary and report it to the proper authorities to avoid any breakout.

Food is another important factor. The animal care managers should know about the animals' preferred diet. They should ensure that the particular food is available in abundance, and that the animals are fed on time. Animal care manager are extremely busy as they have many other duties as well, to know them, read the animal care manager job description.

Duties and responsibilities of an animal care manager

The animal care managers require knowledge in veterinary practices. Some animal facilities also require them to have qualification in management, but it is not compulsory.

Education required in becoming an animal care manager

Career Advancement

Animal care managers, after gaining good experience, can move to manage large national parks and animal habitats. These positions are important and extremely well paid.

The animal care manager job description may just seem like to care for the animals present in the facility, but they do a lot more than just taking care of the animals. Their good management skills ensure that animals have a good life and provided with adequate care.

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