Animal Facility Manager Job Description

Animals are used for a lot of things like research, training, acting. All of these animals are housed in a large facility where they are taken care of. This facility has lots of employees who tend to the animals and to manage the whole facility, a manager is required. Check out the animal facility manager job description given for your read.

The animal facility manager's job is managing both the animals and the humans in the shelter. Since, there could be different kinds of animals in just one single shelter; the manager has to manage all the different needs of those animals regarding their diets, medications etc. The manager has to interview potential employees, and hire the right people for the job, as it is quite important that the animals have the right people looking after them.

The manager has to arrange for regular veterinary check up for the animals. Many of the animals are also sold, so the manager has to coordinate with the buyers and make sure the animals are being used for the right purpose. The manager has to implement all the safety standards that are required by the State and Federal Authorities.

The manager has to make sure that all the animals are vaccinated in time, and if any deadly disease is found in any of the animals, they have to quarantine the animal and report the matter to all the proper authorities. All of these duties are a part of the animal facility manager job description, but it doesn't stop here. The animal facility manager also has to look after the day to day requirements of the animals. Like their food, cleaning, and even their breeding.

The animal facility manager's job is quite a responsible one, the education required for this job is tough and it is quite expensive, but the salary they make is good. To know more about this profession, read the animal facility manager job description given below in more detail.

Duties and responsibilities of an animal facility

Education required by an animal facility manager

Career Advancement

The facility managers can move up to managing larger facilities, and some even find work in the government.

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