Animal Shelter Manager Job Description

Animal shelter is a house or facility which roofs stray and abandoned animals. Common inhabitants of this facility include dogs and cats. The authorities can impound the animals till the time they are claimed or adopted by an individual. The lost and injured animals are kept in animal shelters with the intention of providing them with medical care and conserving them from predators, road accidents, starvation, and natural calamities. These shelters are run under the management of animal shelter managers.

An animal shelter manager takes care of all the animals that are brought into the shelter. These shelters are operated by a few employees and the manager has to oversee their functionality. Every employee or caretaker is assigned an animal or a group of animals to look after their medical and other needs. The first thing that the manager ensures is the administration of necessary medications (injections) to each and every animal housed in the shelter. This helps to protect the animals from any infections or diseases and control their spread. Certain health assessment programs are also run by the shelter manager who ensures that such programs are conducted with utmost care and discipline.

The professional is expected to keep a check of the exact number of animals admitted in the shelter. He has to also make sure that the animals are fed, cleansed, caged, and sheltered properly on a daily basis. The manager's main goal is to bring the weak and affected animals back to their normal state with proper heath condition, so as to make them available for adoption.

The manager is required to see that the food stocks of the shelter are always full. The stocks of other materials like cleaning supplies, medicines etc., also need to be maintained at all times. The manager may arrange for animal presentation programs to promote their adoption. When an individual decides to adopt an animal, the shelter manager has to ensure that all the paperwork is filled out decently and the adopted animal is appropriately handed over to its owner.

There are many other duties which an animal shelter manager has to perform.

Responsibilities and Duties

Academic Requirement

Career Advancement

Animal shelter managers can acquire a remarkable hands-on experience and move into higher paying professional animal care sectors.

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