Apparel Product Manager Job Description

Boom in the fashion industry has generated many employment opportunities for people who are creative, have good sense of fashion and have trend setting ability. Some of the most interesting careers in fashion industry are designing, modeling, fashion photography, etc. Apparel product management is also one such career related to the fashion industry. Though it is not directly related to the glamorous fashion world, people working as apparel manages play a vital role behind the scenes. Apparel product managers work closely with the production, designing and marketing team in promoting new fashion trends by analyzing the drift of the current masses towards the clothes. They target the market and sell their designs to the apparel manufacturers.

This is an interesting career to pursue where you will get an opportunity to showcase your marketing skills as well as your creativity. Here is a detailed job description of the apparel product manager.

Job Description of Apparel Product Manager:

Skills Required in an Apparel Product Manager:

Good management skills and ability to research global markets to identify opportunities for business and current industry trends is very important in any apparel product manager's profile. This is one of the senior most positions that also requires experience in fashion industry. Apparel managers should have ability to plan and coordinate their work and the designers work. They should have ability to identify the uniqueness in the designs developed by the designers and target proper market to sell the designs. They should have ability to make decisions understanding the future perspective of the company and should maintain long run relationships with the potential manufacturers in the market. They should also possess ability to decide color, fabric and silhouette for the clothes.

Educational Requirements for an Apparel Product Manager:

A minimum of 2 years of diploma or 3 years of graduate's degree in fashion designing, fashion merchandize or apparel productions is essential to work as an apparel product manager. A master's degree in Business Administration can be an added advantage. As this is one of the senior position in the fashion industry, experience of more that 3-4 years is also essential requirement for the position of apparel product manager.

Career Advancement for Apparel Product Manager:

After gaining respectable number of years of experience as a apparel product manger one may be promoted as a Director of Apparel Product Management, if the company finds capability in the person.

Compensation for Apparel Product Manager:

Salaries may vary depending upon the number of years of experience of an individual and the organization. The average compensations paid for an apparel product manger is $45,000 to $90,000 annually.

Hope the information provided above and the apparel product manager job description helped you in discovering more about this career.

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