Application Support Manager Job Description

These days almost everything is computerized so that we can make maximum use of the time and accomplish our tasks within less time. As everything is computerized, there has to be computer systems in every organization, railway stations, hotels, banks, airports, etc. There are users who are trained to operate these computer systems and perform their tasks. The end users are trained to use their respective applications only. Any issues with the system, any problem in functioning of the system cannot be solved by them. They need support from the software professional to solve their issues and this support is provided by the application support team. Application support manager plays a leading role in coordinating and managing the troubleshooting issues in the software and hardware applications within the organization. They assist the applications supporting staff of company that is involved in solving computer system related issues of the employees. Here is a detailed application support manager job description given for your help.

Job Responsibilities of an Applications Support Manager:

Managing the staff and infrastructure:

Applications support manager is involved in the recruitment process of the staff as well as in the management of the staff. He ensures that the supporting team is providing necessary help to the end-users and allots work to the staff. He also makes infrastructure such as hardware and software available for the functioning of the supporting team.

Assisting the applications support team:

The manager conducts training sessions for the team members and new members in the team. He also solves critical issues of the system which the less-experienced application support engineers could not solve. He helps them in understanding the problems with the software systems as well.

Resourcing projects from other organizations:

If an applications support manager is working in an IT firm then he may quote projects with the clients who need support for their computer systems. Especially, supporting team is involved in the maintenance of the companies own software products delivered to the clients. Sometimes, IT companies also provide technical help to the third-party clients and such projects are also handled by the applications support manger. He has to hunt the market for potential clients.

Analyze existing software systems for any technical issues:

If there is any problem in the software system then he assists his team members in troubleshooting them and gets status reports of the system from them. He solves their queries and helps them in the process.

Upgrade and implement new software:

Applications support manager has to be a critical thinker who can analyze the existing networking systems, software systems and hardware systems and can predict future requirements of the clients. He then assists the supporting team in implementation of new software to suit the industry requirements and standards.


Documenting the reports obtained from the team members and presenting them to the senior officials is also one of the most important responsibilities of the applications support manager.

People having educational background of computer science are hired as applications support managers. So, if you are willing to shape your career as an applications manager then you will have to pursue graduates or master's degree in Computer Science. Moreover, you are not directly hired as application support managers; you need to spend a countable number of years in the supporting team as a team member. When you get enough experience in this field you will be promoted to this senior position.

Hardware and networking supporting courses are also offered by some reputed universities which can increase your expertise in this area. They provide you training and you can work as certified application support managers. However, most of the applications support managers earn $60,000 per annum. This figure may vary depending upon many factors such as nature and size of the industry and experience.

The above applications support manager job description highlights some of the important roles in this job. Hope it proved to be a helpful resource for you.

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