Aquatic Manager Job Description

An aquatic manager, sometimes operating under the direct instructions of center director, oversees the every day business operations and employees' functional activities of different aquatic facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, custom swimming pools, children's pools, aquatic centers, spray parks, etc., established in an organization. He devises, coordinates, evaluates, and sets up each program assigned to individual spaces within the facility premises.

With effective implementation of proficient knowledge and experience, he plans and maintains the overall structure or arrangement of the facility while keeping track of the convenience, safety, and pleasure of the visitors, which, on the whole, is deemed to be one of the complex tasks amongst all.

Pool safety is of utmost importance. The workers (especially instructors, lifeguards, and pool attendants) hired are needed to be well trained and skilled in their respective professional disciplines. After hiring, they may also need to go through the individualized personnel training sessions, exploring various aquatic fields, directed by the manager. All installations that house pools and other related facilities call for the manager's expertise to sustain high safety levels. Therefore, he is required to be well versed with all safety regulations and first aid practices and genuinely adhere to the strict guidelines laid down by the civic authorities, also ensuring that they are followed by his employees.

Besides safety, hygiene is also a major concern for the manager. In this regard, the professional sees that there is regular cleaning and management of the facilities. He manages the examination of hygiene standards and safeguards done by the technical staff for various extensions of a facility including restrooms, trash disposal and collection spaces, changing areas, etc. Precisely analyzing the water readings and tests is another crucial responsibility executed by him.

Besides supervising the employees, he also handles the procedures and scheduling of all activities and events viz., water sports, learn-to-swim programs, diving courses, recreational swimming, pool side parties, and other special events taking place in the aquatic installations. During unfavorable weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, thunderstorm, or hurricane, he makes certain that the facility assets are well sustained and the required maintenance duties are performed. Moreover, he initiates the repairing and adjustment processes needed in all the expanses of a facility.

Aquatic Manager Job Responsibilities


Career Advancement

Aquatic managers can move from managing public pools to administering or directing private pools of hotels and clubs, where they are entitled to receive lavish compensation and benefits.

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