Arcade Manager Job Description

Even in this age of high-tech video game consoles and computer games, arcades are still quite popular with the children. But what means fun for children is hard work for the adults; these arcades need a lot of maintenance and management, for this, we need arcade managers.

The arcade manager has to look after all the games that are in the video arcade. Firstly, they have to look after the maintenance of these games because of constant rough use, they get worn easily. Hence, they have to be looked after and servicing of the game has to be done regularly. The managers also have to make sure all the latest games are present in the arcade. They have to be well informed on the latest games and get them for the arcade.

Arcades make a lot of money; hence, the managers have to account for all the money. They have to keep a close watch on the money and make sure that no employee is cheating. They have to hire and train employees for the arcade. They have to give different tasks to the employees. They also have to manage other businesses inside the arcade like fast food joints, gift shops etc.

Some of the managers are also required to do minor repair work on the machines of the arcade. They have to do a complete check of all the equipment on a regular basis so no problem arises. They have to open the arcade and lock up at the end of the day. All the machines work on coins, and the manager has to account for all the coins because their profit depends upon them.

Duties and responsibilities of an arcade manager

Education required for an arcade manager

Career Advancement

Arcade managers can move onto managing other businesses. Managing an arcade has a lot of value. They can gain experience and open up their own arcades too.

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