Art Manager Job Description

Art is a part of almost everything in the latest media. From lovely paintings to amazing graphics, the presence of art has gained a lot of importance. Hence, to supervise the insertion of art or even for the creation, we need art managers. To know more about this creative profession, read the art manager job description we have given for you to read.

The job of an art manager is to supervise the designs of art that come to them. The project could be a brochure or it could even be a motion picture, the art manager will finalize what kind of art work is required in the project. The art manager should be an artist himself but to become managers, they have to posses managerial skills. They should be able to handle a team of artists and get quality work from them.

The art manager has to sit with the client and take their opinion about the project; they should take into account what the client wants because after all, the client will be the one who gives the final approval. The art manager first has to get their team make a few initial designs, and get them approved from the client, and only then can they progress further with the project.

It is the job of the manager to make sure that the work is finished on time, as deadlines are quite important in this field of work. They have to make the initial artwork layout, and then the team of artist can begin work on it. The manager is in charge of hiring the team, but sometimes, they have to work with a preexisting team. They have to assign them work according to their specialization. The manager has to be an expert in all the fields that require art work like brochures, paintings, hoardings, films etc.

The art managers do not really require a degree, but they need to have a good portfolio. They can get hired by companies as internal employees, or they could work for them on a freelance basis. The art managers make good money in their profession, not to mention the creative satisfaction. For more detailed information, read the art manager job description given below in detail.

Duties and responsibilities of an art manager

Education required by an art manager

Career Advancement

Many art managers go on to have their own firms or they end up working in big Hollywood studios as in-house artists.

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