Assistant Customer Service Manager Job Description

Any business cannot survive without customers. It's the customers that provide the much-needed support for business growth by subscribing to or purchasing products and services. Their loyalty towards the companies is the fuel that propels the business cycle to move forward. That's why all organizations establish a separate customer service department to take care of their customers. Mainly people collaborate to serve their customers and the role of each member of the customer service department is significant for the company. One such vital position of this department is of an assistant customer service manager. These customer service professionals play a vital role in resolving queries of and retaining customers.

One Role and Multiple Tasks

These assistant customer service managers are the real muscle behind all the hard work. They are the ones who face customers infuriated because of some issues with service or product. They provide all the support to the ground-level staff and resolve customer issues before they are escalated. From taking prompt decision for servicing or changing the faulty product to comforting customers by exchanging product, or offering a discount, these customer service professionals do a lot for their companies just to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Daily Tasks on the Job

These assistant customer service managers have to check complaints filed by customers and contact them through phone calls, emails, or other means of communication. They have to assist customer service manager and supervise the support team and ensure the assigned tasks are completed in an orderly and effective manner. If there is a need, they may also visit the field and assist the sales representative in dealing with the customers. To ensure all the members of the support team are well-versed with the principles of customer service, they develop and conduct training programs on a regular basis. Mostly importantly, they have to initiate and implement processes that can expedite customer service.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Assistant Customer Service Manager

Assistant customer service managers handle several duties and responsibilities on a daily basis. They are someone who wears multiple hats to ensure their companies don't lose customers.

Education, Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Working Environment

Assistant customer service managers usually work in an office set-up. But sometimes due to the nature of the problem, they have to visit the site. Though their official duty hours are forty in a week, the number of hours during a specific time of the year may extend. They have to face a lot of people daily and have to don a professional attire and a positive attitude.

If meeting people and resolving their issues is something you love, then being an assistant customer service manager is right for you. If trying for a job, browse our website for assistant customer service manager resume samples. Regardless of your industry, the resume samples on our site will be of a great help to you.

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